A new story arc, Katana Man, is about to begin in the upcoming "Chainsaw Man" Episode 8 after the conclusion of the Eternity Devil arc last week. This just means the first cour is about to end, though there are no words yet when the second cour will drop.

Of course, the mystery surrounding Denji will continue in "Chainsaw Man" Episode 8. The next installment will pick up the previous episode's events, with Denji and Himeno in one bed together.

Denji may finally answer Himeno's question, hinting at the beginning of the new arc. The Katana Man arc will start with a bang compared to the previous storylines.

The anime may fully adapt the arc's opening moments in the manga, though there may be an anime-only scene between Himeno and Aki, as seen in the trailer. This may result in confusing the viewers who have read the manga.

However, "Chainsaw Man" Episode 8 and the later events will try to solve this confusion. The explanations to the fans' questions may also be revealed in the second cour.

Meanwhile, "Chainsaw Man" Episode 7 saw Denji continuously slash the Eternity Devil. Power noticed Denji was losing a lot of blood but continued to fight the devil off.

Himeno remembered the talk she had with Kishibe after seeing Denji. Kishibe revealed that the devils feared the devil hunters who weren't completely sane.

Hence, this made Himeno think that Aki was too sane for the job. Back to the fight, Denji drank the Eternity Devil's blood every time he inflicted injury.

Seeing how Denji fought made Himeno realize that the former could defeat the Gun Devil successfully. He even managed to kill the Eternity Devil after three days, finally giving them a chance to leave the hotel.

Himeno suggested to Aki that they hold a welcome party for the newbies so that Division 4 could also bond. Aki wanted to invite Makima, but Himeno wondered if the latter knew about Denji's real identity.

The party was then held, and Denji reminded Himeno about their deal. Himeno told him she needed to drink a few more beers.

The newbies started to introduce themselves. Arai claimed he had a contract with the Fox Devil, while Kobeni kept her deal a secret.

Makima then arrived and heard Denji talking about Himeno's kiss. Aki asked Maki if she knew something about Denji, but she dared him to outdrink her before she spoke of it.

Aki failed, and Himeo later got up to kiss Denji, though she also puked on him. After the party, Himeno carried Denji to her place.

What happens from here can be seen when "Chainsaw Man" Episode 8 drops on Wednesday, November 30.