Big Bang's Taeyang recently talked about his love for his son and why he left YG Entertainment to sign a new contract with The Black Label on "Look Me Up" on Monday, January 16. The singer-songwriter is now the talk of the town after dropping his new single, "Vibe," in collaboration with BTS's Jimin.

Taeyang graced an episode of the YouTube channel 1theK Original and shared a lot of details about his life. So, what were the things the dancer revealed?

The 34-year-old searched for information about him that could be found online and confirmed which ones were true and which were not. On his profile page on Namuwiki, he revealed that the details about his child's birthday were wrong.

His profile's information listed that he got married to Min Hyo Rin in 2018 and had their child in December 2021. He then corrected the claim, saying his baby was born in November 2021 and asking anyone responsible to fix it.

The show's production team then asked Taeyang to talk about his son. Being born in November, he revealed his child just celebrated his first birthday, and he looked like his wife, making him more handsome than him.

In fact, whenever they're out and about, he revealed people would ask him if his child was a girl, and he had to correct them that he was a boy. "He is that pretty. He's so lovely and precious," he continued.

Taeyang also talked about his decision to move to another label after being with YG for 16 years. Despite the exit, he cleared that he remains on good terms with the company after working under it for so long.

He continued that he just decided to move to The Black Label and saw it as meaningful. "We've worked on many songs together, so, we'll get to show those works as an artist under that agency," he explained.

Meanwhile, Taeyang effortlessly made his comeback to the mainstream after dropping his new song, "Vibe," which is now dominating the local and global music charts. His new label claimed the song shot to the "topmost tiers of the local music charts" just after an hour of its release.

It also climbed to the number one spot on iTunes' top song charts in 60 regions. Alternatively, its music video instantly went viral on YouTube upon its release, racking up a whopping 200 million views in just 24 hours and topping its worldwide trending page the next two days as the most famous music video on the platform over the weekend.