Netizens are now talking about the salary per episode of Kim Eun Sook after the success of "The Glory." The legendary writer, known for her great writing talent, wrote the script of Song Hye Kyo's hit Netflix series.

The talks about Kim Eun Sook came to light after being mentioned in a show. Now, the netizens are examining if it's worth it or if she deserves more with the popularity of "The Glory" today.

An online community revealed that the scriptwriter gets paid 100 million won or $81,000 per episode manuscript, AllKpop noted. This figure isn't a surprise at all, as she's known as a renowned writer in the business and has a well-established career.

She's behind some of the most popular K-drama series, like "Lovers in Paris," "Secret Garden," "Descendants of the Sun," reuniting her with Song Hye Kyo, "The Heirs," "Guardian: The Lonely and Great God" aka "Goblin," and more.

In 2019, Channel A's "Heart It Through the Grapevine" revealed Kim's salary. A reporter said she had to delay her studies for five years to earn money first to pay for her tuition.

She started working by writing play scripts at Daehak-ro after graduation. But as she was an unknown writer, she had no fixed income.

The reporter continued that she only earned 700,000 won or about $570 back then. But when "Lovers in Paris" became a hit, her payment went up to 30 million won or over $24,000.

It then increased to 70 to 80 million won or almost $65,000 after "Goblin" fame. Now, Kim earns more than 100 million won or $81,000.

That said, fans believe Kim deserves her huge payment for "The Glory" after going and suffering through a lot to be where she is today.

Meanwhile, as the show's theme is school violence and bullying, a school commissioner revealed that real-life school violence is much worse than what Song Hye Kyo's series shows. It was previously reported that the hair iron scene was based on actual events.

Though many already found it appalling, the commissioner said it was "worse in reality." The officer continued that countermeasures are badly needed to combat these acts and behaviors as cases are getting harsher as of late.

Choi Woo Seong, a school commissioner in charge of school violence at the Gyeonggi Suwon Office of Education, told MBC Radio's "News High Kick," via AllKpop, that there were much worse school bullying incidents in real life. He then cited famous school violence incidents, like the Yangsan Girl's Middle School Assault Case, the Cheonghak-dong Dormitory Cruelty Case, the latest North Gyeonggi Snow Bed Sexual Assault Case, and more.