BTS's V and Big Bang's T.O.P are now the talks of the town after the former followed and unfollowed the latter on Instagram Sunday, January 15. Although the move seems to be only a mistake, some fans take it seriously and start to bash the older singer-rapper while others come to his rescue.

Fans quickly noticed the new addition to V's following list on Instagram. Upon checking the list, many were surprised to see he followed T.O.P, though the latter was later gone, and the number of users he was following returned to seven again.

The BTS member has yet to comment on the issue, but some of his "unruly" fans have made their own theories about it. They started terrorizing T.O.P across all his social media platforms, sending negative comments about him.

One fan questioned why V followed T.O.P, while others mocked the latter by saying he shouldn't be happy that their idol mistakenly followed him. Many also asked T.O.P to stay away from V, calling him a "criminal" and a "drinker old man."

But not all V's fans have the same opinion of T.O.P as others. Many even come to his rescue, stressing it might not be the "Christmas Tree" hitmaker's intention to really follow him and only mistakenly did it.

It wasn't the first time V did it after accidentally following BLACKPINK's Jennie in December 2021, which also caused a huge stir.

One fan explained that V didn't deserve this treatment and the people who judged him easily. "Please leave my man alone," the fan continued. "You guys don't deserve him, so leave him."

So, why did some fans seem to hate T.O.P that much? It may have something to do with his history, like being sentenced to 10 months of prison in 2017 following his guilty verdict of using marijuana and drugs.

It has been known that using marijuana is illegal in South Korea, making many netizens irate about his misconduct despite being a public figure.

But despite V mistakenly following him, many ARMYs shower him with love and support, tweeting he can follow anyone he likes as he can do anything he wants. They also express their anger toward other fans who spread negative comments about him, with others having deleted and deactivated their Twitter accounts after receiving backlash.

It has been known that some ARMYs are very protective of BTS and its members. However, some remind their fellow fans that V still has his own life and can do whatever he wants.