Netflix has officially dropped a first look at Suzy Bae and Yang Se Jong in the upcoming K-drama "Doona!" With the two stars' stunning visuals, these teaser photos just hype up the series more.

"Doona!" is based on the hit webtoon series "The Girl Upstairs." Here, Suzy will play the lead role, Lee Doo Na, while Se Jong will be his male lead, Lee Won Joon.

In the character-still-cut photos obtained by AllKpop, the two show an uncanny resemblance. The 28-year-old has been transformed into a woman with long black wavy hair, already reaching her waist.

She's wearing a noodle-strap top paired with a sweatshirt while looking at something below her. Everything looks perfect with her gorgeous looks and the lush green tree in her background.

Alternatively, Yang Se Jong looks handsome in his university student appearance. He's wearing a university hoodie while holding a suitcase in one hand and a bag in another.

As expected, fans are already excited to see these two's pairing with each other. In a discussion on Pann Nate, some fans noticed the "crazy" resemblance between the two, while others called their team-up "legendary."

Another said they both look like the characters in the webseries, and the teaser photos excited them. In addition, many praised Suzy's appearance, saying she's "getting prettier and prettier."

Meanwhile, "Doona!" will follow the story of "The Girl Downstairs," where Won Joon and Doo Na meet at a shared house. Doo Na is a retired K-pop idol, the main vocalist of the famed idol group Dream Sweet.

However, amid the fame, she chooses to live a private life away from the limelight. She lives in a shared home near Minsong University, where she attends and is part of the Department of Theater and Film.

With her looks, it's no surprise that many are captivated by her effortless charm, though she's never interested in entertaining anyone. From there, she's about to meet Won Joon, who may change her mind.

Won Joon has a perfect personality; he's good-natured and warm-hearted. Hence, it may take no time for him to win over Doo Na.

"Doona!" will be Se Jong's first project after completing his military service in November 2021. Hence, many are excited to see him back on the small screen two years after "Dr. Romantic" Season 2.

Lee Jyung Hyo, who's behind the success of some of the biggest K-dramas "Crash Landing on You," "The Good Wife," "Life on Mars," "Romance is Bonus Book," will be directing Suzy and Se Jong's new show. There are no words yet when "Doona!" will be out.