Lisa Marie Presley will reportedly not be happy knowing her mom, Priscilla Presley, wants to control her estate, a friend says. The mother-and-daughter duo has been estranged from each for nearly eight years already.

Lisa Marie's pal seems to be sure that Elvis Presley's only child would be furious at her mother for trying to take control of her estate. For starters, Priscilla was questioning the 2016 amendment to her late daughter's trust that removed her and the singer's former manager, Barry Siegel, from the list of trustees and replaced by her kids, Riley and Benjamin Keough.

The "Dallas" alum stressed that no one had told her about the change and argued the document could have been fabricated after noticing her daughter's name was misspelled. She added that her signature seemed "inconsistent with her usual and customary signature."

The vet actress' move resulted in a public backlash, forcing her to release a statement later, asking fans to "ignore the noise" and give the family some time to "work together" and sort things out.

But amid Priscilla's decision to take care of things, one of Lisa Marie's friends claimed that the former didn't even renew her contract with Elvis Presley Enterprises (EPE) in 2020. The two didn't even want to be with each other at events weeks before the passing of Michael Jackson's ex-wife.

Allegedly, the songwriter didn't want to have anything that would do with her mom. In fact, she was already estranged from Priscilla for about seven to eight years, and they only talked when they were left with no choice.

The pal also revealed that the Hollywood Foreign Press Association only forced them to sit together at the Golden Globes. Lisa Marie didn't even go with Priscilla and was with her dad's longtime friend, Jerry Schilling, at the time.

Another close friend said Lisa would be pissed about Priscilla's claim that her trust could be faked. She would surely be upset that her mother was doing these things, stressing that her daughter, Riley, would be an amazing trustee and her youngest daughters would be in the best hands with her.

Meanwhile, Lisa Marie was reportedly stressed over her having to make public appearances leading up to the days of her death. With the passing of her son, Benjamin, in 2020, she reportedly didn't want to be seen in public, per TMZ.

However, with the success of her father, Elvis Presley's biopic, she had no choice but to do press again. She allegedly turned to opioids and weight loss medication that saw her losing 40 to 50 pounds to look her best for the red-carpet events.

Hence, she seemed unstable at the Golden Globes, with "Extra" host Billy Bush saying she was "uneven in her balance," her speech was very slow, and something seemed off. Two days after the awards show, Lisa Marie suffered cardiac arrest and died at 54.