Tom Cruise was a no-show at the 2023 Oscars, and there were claims that it might have something to do with his ex-wife, Nicole Kidman's attendance. However, aside from, allegedly, feeling the need to stay away from his former spouse, there are other possible reasons why he didn't come.

Cruise's still didn't come to the recent 2023 Oscars despite his movie, "Top Gun: Maverick," receiving six nominations and winning one-Best Sound. So, what made him "MIA?"

According to New York Post, the 60-year-old purportedly didn't attend to avoid an "awkward run-in" with Keith Urban's wife after they divorced in 2001. A source told Daily Mail that the "Top Gun" star wasn't at the awarding because the American-Australian actress was there.

"He did not want a run-in," the insider revealed. However, tipsters close to the actor alleged that his absence "wasn't personal" and was actually because of scheduling conflicts. The Post already asked for the two parties' comments about the issue.

For starters, Cruise and Kidman tied the knot on the Christmas Eve of 1990 and went on to adopt two kids: Isabella and Connor. He then filed for divorce in 2001 due to "irreconcilable difference" after, reportedly, "walking out on the "Big Little Lies" star in the same year.

The move, allegedly, left Kidman in "utter shock," as fans believed the separation had something to do with her refusal to be a part of his religion, Scientology. According to reports, their two kids are Scientologists, like their dad.

But aside from, allegedly, avoiding the "Undoing" actress, there are claims that Cruise didn't attend the 2023 Oscars because he didn't get the Best Actor nomination.

It might also be because he returned his Golden Globes awards in 2021 due to the Hollywood Foreign Press Association controversy. However, Entertainment Tonight claimed that Cruise is "too busy filming" "Mission: Impossible-Dead Reckoning, Part II."

The producer even teased his upcoming stunts, like jumping a motorcycle off a cliff in the movie. He next eyes to go to the space.

But despite his non-attendance, it didn't stop the event's host Jimmy Kimmel from making jokes about him. The comedian said everyone loved "Top Gun," especially with Cruise's shirt off in the beach football scene, and mentioned the song, "L. Ron Hubba Hubba!" about Scientology.

He even mentioned Cruise and James Cameron's names, saying they didn't appear after parachuting into the venue, which was part of his "Top Gun" skit. He even said that the two guys who insisted that people go to the theater didn't show up at the theater.