Tatsumaki and Saitama's fight will continue in "One Punch Man" Chapter 182. But aside from their battle, a lot of twists and turns and other scenes may happen next.

It's yet to be seen who will win between Tatsumaki and Saitama. As their brawl has been happening several chapters ago, will it finally conclude in "One Punch Man" Chapter 182?

In the original webcomic by ONE, the new chapter may see Tatsumaki finally ending her fight with Saitama. After giving her all, she may have exerted too much, making her exhausted.

The reopening of her old wounds will also convince her to stop fighting. But it will not be easy for Saitama.

In the webcomic, Tatsumaki stopped the fight by putting Saitama into a crevasse on the ground and sealing him there. And this same scene may be seen in "One Punch Man" Chapter 182.

Elsewhere, the Blizzard group members may also be seen catching up with Fubuki to help her fight Tatsumaki. However, it's unknown if Fubuki will take advantage of Tatsumaki's weak condition or will still have the heart to ensure her sister is okay.

The next chapter may also see the new Tsukuyomi group and their connection to God. To recall, they were previously seen escaping from A-City.

Meanwhile, "One Punch Man" Chapter 181, titled "Scalp Friction," saw Sweet Mask meeting Saitama. The latter told Tatsumaki they should return home as they had already lost their path.

The woman obeyed and took Saitama back to the Hero Association. But another villain, Speed-o-Sound Sonic, emerged and attacked them.

But after Tatsumaki made a mistake, Saitama fell into his shurikens. They still managed to return home, though.

Tatsumaki revealed that she only fought Saitama because she was testing him. She wanted to see the extent of power he had.

She knew the Caped Baldy wouldn't last long if she fought with full force. Being naïve, Saitama told her he was ready for the final fight.

The scene then cut to the Hero Association headquarters, where Fubuki told her group she didn't want to be a part of them anymore, resulting in Blizzard Group's disbandment. In the final scene, King was seen once again to witness Saitama and Tatsumaki's fight.

Though there are no words about when "One Punch Man" Chapter 182 will drop, Yusuke Murata usually releases new chapters every Thursday. Hence, fans expect to see the next issue on March 23.