Eida changes history in a major plot twist in "Boruto" Chapter 79 by exchanging Boruto and Kawaki's lives. Eida's incredible power convinces everyone of what she did, not Sarada and Sasuke.

It has been known that Sarada isn't affected by Eida's godlike ability, and she may remain Boruto's ally in "Boruto" Chapter 79. So, how come Eida's power doesn't affect Sarada?

Several factors are at play as to why Sarada isn't affected by Eida's powers. It may have something to do with her Uchiha's lineage and feelings toward Boruto.

After Eida alters history, she makes Kawaki the son of Naruto and Boruto the enemy of Konoha after being blamed for Naruto's death. But as everyone turns their back to Boruto, not Sarada.

Mitsuki will attack Boruto in "Boruto" Chapter 79, under the influence of Eida's power, but Sarada will look surprised after seeing the former's actions. This just confirmed that she's not affected by Eida's power.

SportsKeeda noted that she might have immunity due to Uchiha's blood lineage, which gives her the clan's Sharingan eye, a kekkei genkai. Her parents, Sasuke Uchiha and Sakura, are known experts in releasing Gentjutsu.

Another reason that she has immunity is because of her love for Boruto. Her affection and respect for him even increase when he saves her life from Kawaki, leaving him with a huge scar on the eye.

There are theories that her attachment to him will be so strong that it will keep her grounded in "Boruto" Chapter 79. However, despite this, Eida's charm continuously affects almost everyone in Konoha.

Meanwhile, as the father of Sarada, Sasuke may not be influenced by Eida's power. But compared to his daughter, it may have dire consequences for him as he may show his support to Boruto.

In the new chapter's raw scans, everyone stands against Boruto after being influenced by Eida's power to reverse history. The protagonist has turned into a villain in the eye of the people of Konoha, believing he has killed Naruto.

However, Amado knows the truth and seems to be looking at Sasuke, seemingly waiting for his reaction or next move. Sasuke may only be playing along with everyone to see what will happen next and how he will help Boruto in "Boruto" Chapter 79.

He may later stand up for Boruto and fight for him to protect Naruto's real son, but it may come with serious repercussions. If this happens, there may be a strong possibility that Sasuke will end up dead.

"Boruto" Chapter 79 will be out Sunday, March 19.