Television personality Wendy Williams is putting her health first and foremost. Williams, widely known for her tenure on The Wendy Williams Show, has withdrawn from a reported $25,000 speaking engagement at the Atlanta Women's Expo, set to take place on Saturday, May 20. Ongoing health issues are stated as the cause of her withdrawal.

In a shared statement to OK! magazine, Williams' representative Shawn Zanotti and event publicist Jane Sands expressed regret over the decision. "Unfortunately, Wendy Williams will not be participating in The Ultimate Women's Expo in Atlanta on May 20th, 2023," they announced. "Following considerable reflection, we deemed it more prudent for Wendy to join the Ultimate Women's Expo at a future time. We eagerly anticipate announcing those details once they have been finalized. We express gratitude to Grammy award-winning R&B singer Monica, who will serve as the keynote speaker in Wendy's stead. We eagerly anticipate your presence!"

Williams' eleventh-hour withdrawal has heightened concerns amongst her confidants regarding her deteriorating health. One inside source expressed concern: "There were doubts about Wendy's health and her capacity to participate, and some were advocating for her to attend and grace the stage in Atlanta."

The same source further observed, "Wendy's performance abilities have been erratic. One day she can articulate perfectly, the next day she struggles. Recently, there have been grave doubts about her potential recovery."

Williams' journey towards regaining her health has been marred by various health conditions, including lymphedema, Graves' disease, a serious alcohol addiction - for which she sought treatment last year - and multiple rounds of COVID.

In addition, concerns have been voiced by those close to the New Jersey-born personality about the company she keeps. "Wendy does not have a large circle of genuine friends, but the few who are close to her are causing worry among those who genuinely care for her," one source revealed.

A close associate reflected on the situation, saying, "Wendy is not in the best mental state, and sadly, there are individuals who may exploit her vulnerability."

This information was shared with The Sun by individuals close to Williams, shedding light on her health situation.