Amazon Prime Video's new spy-thriller, Citadel, starring Priyanka Chopra, a close confidant of Meghan Markle, has drawn attention for a line that seemingly mocks Kate Middleton, the Duchess of Cambridge.

In the show's third episode, Chopra, who portrays secret agent Nadia Sinh, makes an unexpected and audacious comment referencing Middleton. During a tense scene, Sinh instructs another character through an earpiece, quipping, "The chief of armed forces? You might as well have asked me how to get between the legs of the Duchess of Cambridge!"

Given Chopra's friendship with the Duchess of Sussex and her role in the series, it's speculated that she was aware of this controversial reference to her friend's royal in-law before production. Chopra, 40, has maintained a strong friendship with Markle, 41, for several years and was a guest at Markle's high-profile royal wedding to Prince Harry in 2018.

Given the reported strained relationship between Markle and Middleton, some observers hypothesize that Chopra may have relished the opportunity to include the contentious remark about Middleton in her series.

As reported by OK!, the tension between Markle and Middleton, both key figures within the Windsor family, has allegedly escalated to a point where Middleton is said to have plotted to discourage Markle's attendance at King Charles' Coronation on May 6.

Once news broke that Prince Harry would be attending the coronation alone, with Markle remaining at home, insiders alleged, "It's becoming increasingly apparent Kate was the mastermind."

They further asserted, "She made sure Meghan would've had a rotten time - with lousy seating arrangements, dinner party snubs, and family peace talks - if the Duchess of Sussex actually decided to attend."

Another source suggested this kind of manipulation isn't typical of Middleton but acknowledged that she views this as a "moral victory that evens the score - just a little bit."

The same source noted that Middleton convinced King Charles that she would not reconcile with Markle if she attended the coronation. "Kate played Meghan like a fiddle and used her ego against her," the source explained. "His Majesty believes Kate instinctively knows what's right - and what will play well with the British public - and knows her huge popularity is an asset to the Crown."

"She played her cards right and won," the source concluded, hinting at a potential future where Middleton ensures that Markle maintains her distance from the royal family.