Kpop Girl group FIFTY FIFTY's disagreement with their management agency, Attrakt, over their exclusive contract failed to reach a consensus. As public sentiment continues to favor Attrakt, it seems the dispute is poised to escalate into a legal battle.

The second mediation scheduled for the 16th between FIFTY FIFTY and Attrakt was called off. The decision came after FIFTY FIFTY expressed their intention not to engage in mediation.

In relation to this, a representative from Attrakt told OSEN, "Today's (16th) mediation with FIFTY FIFTY was cancelled. The legal team representing FIFTY FIFTY submitted a statement to the court indicating they had no intention of reaching an agreement or mediating." They added, "We haven't received any other communication from them. If mediation fails, the court can either decide on compulsory mediation or proceed to trial. As of now, no decision has been made."

FIFTY FIFTY, consisting of members Saena, Aran, Keena, and Sio, debuted last November. Their single "Cupid", released in February, gained massive attention via short-form challenges on social media, propelling them onto charts like the U.S. Billboard and the UK Official Charts. Rising from a new agency, Attrakt, the group saw rapid success. They've been praised as a "miracle of a small-scale idol group."

However, members of FIFTY FIFTY unexpectedly raised contract disputes against their agency Attrakt, citing difficulty in confirming accurate financial settlements and inadequate health management for the members. Attrakt pointed fingers at an external agency, The Givebus, suspecting them of "tampering" or poaching the group's members. Yet, The Givebus firmly denied these allegations, stating they were groundless.

Amidst the dispute, the court recommended mediation through consensus. Consequently, the initial mediation session took place in private on the 9th. But as the second session approached on the 16th, FIFTY FIFTY clarified their position against any agreement that doesn't address the termination of their exclusive contract. Due to the breakdown in reaching an agreement, the court is now in a position to decide on forced mediation or proceed with a formal trial.

In the midst of this, there's rising anticipation as SBS's "We Want to Know" production team announced they'll be covering the FIFTY FIFTY situation in their upcoming episode, set to air at 11:10 PM on August 19 (KST). With the breakdown of the mediation between FIFTY FIFTY and Attrakt, all eyes are now on this broadcast.