In a recent review by France's esteemed newspaper, Le Parisien, the globally renowned K-pop group BLACKPINK faced unexpected criticism. The newspaper, on September 2, published a review of all concerts held at the State De France and Paris La Défense Arena over the past summer. They emphasized that their list was made with complete objectivity, aiming to provide an unbiased perspective on the performances.

However, the newspaper's critique of BLACKPINK's July Encore concert was far from flattering. Despite the concert drawing an impressive crowd of 55,000 attendees, Le Parisien labeled it as the "worst among international acts." The newspaper went on to explain the reasons for this ranking. They felt that the choreography was too "textbook," and there were instances where the members seemed to walk in front of each other, indicating miscommunication on stage.

Further, the publication didn't hold back when commenting on the group's interaction with fans. They pointed out an incident where Jennie, one of the group's members, suddenly left the stage, and the remaining members began calling out audience-held posters. Le Parisien remarked, "This was not a performance befitting the young Koreans' popularity."

It's worth noting that BLACKPINK's concert at the State De France on July 15 was a significant event, given the sheer number of attendees. The group's global popularity is undeniable, with fans spanning across continents. However, Le Parisien's review serves as a reminder that not all feedback will be positive, even for world-renowned artists.

Interestingly, topping Le Parisien's list of best concerts was The Weeknd, showcasing the newspaper's diverse taste in music.

As with all reviews, they are subjective and based on individual perspectives. While Le Parisien might not have been impressed with BLACKPINK's performance, the group's massive fan base and consistent chart-topping hits speak volumes about their talent and global appeal.