In a candid episode of Star Road, BLACKPINK's Jisoo and Jennie delved deep into personal questions about each other, revealing insights into their ideal romantic partners and showcasing the depth of their bond.

Jennie kicked off the session by answering a series of questions about Jisoo, showcasing her deep understanding of her bandmate. However, when it came to pinpointing Jisoo's ideal type, Jennie hesitated. Jisoo, known for her ever-changing preferences, didn't make it easy. Jennie shared that the BLACKPINK members rarely discuss their ideal types, emphasizing, "We don't talk about our ideal types often. Many people know that we don't really have one."

To Jennie's astonishment, Jisoo disclosed two specific qualities she finds attractive. Firstly, she desires someone who is her most ardent fan. "I have two types that I like. First, someone who really likes me. Jisoo's biggest fan," she remarked. Secondly, Jisoo is drawn to individuals with captivating smiles, stating, "The other is someone who has a pretty smile. I like people who are pretty when they smile."

The tables turned as Jisoo took on the challenge of answering personal questions about Jennie. Surprisingly, even Jisoo stumbled when trying to identify Jennie's ideal type. After a brief pause, Jisoo revealed that Jennie is inclined towards someone reliable and protective. Jennie confirmed the accuracy of Jisoo's statement, nodding in agreement.

By the end of their heart-to-heart, it was evident that Jisoo and Jennie's relationship transcends mere friendship. They share a bond akin to sisters, having spent a significant portion of their lives together. Jisoo affectionately remarked, "We know each other too well. We've lived together for so long." She even went on to say, "I know her better than my family members."

In related news, Jisoo's romantic relationship with actor Ahn Bo Hyun was confirmed by YG Entertainment in August. Observers note that Ahn Bo Hyun seems to fit Jisoo's criteria perfectly. Not only is he evidently fond of Jisoo, ensuring his schedule aligns with hers on her days off, but he also possesses a smile that could easily captivate anyone.

The revelations from the Star Road episode provide fans with a deeper understanding of the BLACKPINK members, not just as global superstars, but as individuals with their own preferences, desires, and deep-rooted friendships.