It's hard to believe, but it's already been over a year since BTS (Bangtan Sonyeondan) faced a hiatus due to the members' military service obligations. Yet, their global popularity and influence remain steadfast. For them, this break wasn't just a pause; it was a stepping stone for further growth.

Last year, after nine years since their debut, BTS signaled a shift towards individual activities. One after another, members released solo albums, emphasizing their strides not just as a group but as individual artists. Given the robust global foundation BTS has built over the years, the success of their solo endeavors was somewhat anticipated.

However, the achievements recorded by the members as solo artists surpassed both public and fan expectations. They not only broke records set by previous K-pop artists but also made remarkable achievements on domestic and international charts, including the U.S. Billboard. Jimin and Jungkook notably topped the U.S. Billboard 'Hot 100', while V's recent solo album 'Layover' set a record for the highest initial sales for a solo artist in Korea. The other members also achieved results comparable to the records set by BTS as a group, successfully opening the door to their solo careers.

This success isn't merely riding on BTS's popularity. Through their solo endeavors, the members conveyed their individual musical colors and messages, marking a significant leap as artists beyond the 'idol group' label.

J-Hope, who released his solo album 'Jack in the Box' last July, showcased his unique positive energy while also revealing the anxieties and concerns behind it. He combined hip-hop with experimental elements, delivering a powerful musical message. He also shared stories of his genuine passion for music and the honest struggles he faced with success.

RM, known for his philosophical lyrics and rich sensibility, poured his soul into his first solo album 'IndiGO', presenting a more lyrical shade compared to BTS's albums. He collaborated with various artists, including Jo Yoo Jin, Tablo, Kim Sawol, and Park Ji Yoon, to create a dense musical experience. RM, who has always shown a keen interest in art, also incorporated the works of the late artist Yoon Hyung Geun into his album concept, blending his musical and artistic tastes.

Suga, on the other hand, focused on his essence in his solo album 'D-Day', delivering his message with explosive energy. His lyrics, filled with profanities and candid expressions not commonly found in BTS albums, showcased his identity as a rapper.

Jin emphasized his refreshing vocals with his solo single 'The Astronaut', which he co-wrote to express his affection for the fan club ARMY. Jimin, with his first solo album 'FACE', showcased his unparalleled performance and vocal capabilities. He poured his feelings experienced during the COVID-19 pandemic into this album, making a fresh start as "Artist Jimin."

Jungkook, who released a solo single titled 'SEVEN' instead of an album, showcased his limitless adaptability from vocals to performance. He infused the song with an addictive melody and a sensual charm different from BTS's usual music.

Lastly, V, the final solo contender from the group, highlighted a charm distinct from the group's activities. He showcased songs that emphasized his unique deep voice, solidifying his capability as a pop R&B vocalist.

In essence, each BTS member, while flourishing in their solo endeavors, has proven that their individual colors make the collective shine even brighter.