Amidst the conclusion of BLACKPINK's grandest world tour to date, 'BORN PINK', the phrase "I'm upset" has become a hot topic.

On September 17, BLACKPINK (Jisoo, Jennie, Rosé, Lisa) held the finale of their 'BORN PINK' world tour at the Gocheok Sky Dome in Guro District, Seoul. Given that this concert marked the culmination of the 'BORN PINK' tour, it was streamed online for the first time, allowing both the audience at the venue and BLINKs (the fandom) worldwide to share the experience.

For this concert, which marked the final chapter of their year-long 'BORN PINK' journey, BLACKPINK showcased a stage of unprecedented scale, fresh arrangements, and diverse performances. As the first K-pop female artists to perform at the Gocheok Dome, the largest indoor concert venue in Korea, BLACKPINK's elevated status was evident. Their solid expertise was on full display throughout the over two-hour performance.

The concert featured everything from full group performances to individual stages, fiery performances by a large group of dancers, and live music by a full band. Instead of engaging in casual banter, the members seemed more focused on delivering an upgraded performance.

Amidst the show, Jennie's remark "I'm upset" stirred the audience. The reason? The audience was seated while watching the performance. Adding her signature playful pout, she said, "Seeing BLINKs sitting makes Jennie upset," prompting the audience to stand up in unison. Jennie then brightly smiled and cautioned, "Please don't stand on the chairs for safety reasons."

Jisoo also expressed her feelings of being "upset" towards the end of the concert when the atmosphere was at its peak. She asked the audience, "Is it hot today? Can you feel the heat?" Suddenly, pointing towards the front section of the audience, she said, "Those sitting over there made me upset. It was that side."

The audience immediately stood up in response to Jisoo's "I'm upset" comment. Laughing, Jisoo teased, "I can see everyone standing up. I'm watching all of you."

Following Jennie, Jisoo's consecutive remarks of "I'm upset" have sparked discussions online. Netizens reacted with comments like, "So cute!", "They're playing with BLINKs", and "BLACKPINK making fans unable to sit."

Meanwhile, BLACKPINK embarked on their 'BORN PINK' world tour last October, spanning 34 cities with a total of 64 performances.