The future of the K-pop group FIFTY FIFTY has been a topic of intense speculation and debate within the entertainment industry. A recent survey conducted by Star News Korea sought to gauge the sentiments of key industry figures regarding the group's prospects, especially in light of their ongoing lawsuit against their label, ATTRAKT.

On September 18, Star News Korea released the results of a survey involving 31 industry insiders. This included CEOs and directors from major entertainment companies such as JYP Entertainment, FNC Entertainment, MLD Entertainment, SM Entertainment, DSP Media, WM Entertainment, IST Entertainment, and KQ Entertainment, among others.

The primary question posed to these insiders was their perspective on FIFTY FIFTY's career trajectory, given the controversy surrounding their legal battle with ATTRAKT. The results were telling: 16 out of the 31 insiders believed that the group members would no longer be able to promote. They felt that even if the lawsuit with ATTRAKT reaches a resolution, the group has already lost the public's trust. The prevailing sentiment was that it would be challenging for the members to shake off the label of "Backstabbers." Jin Jung Kyun, the Director at GLG, commented, "(They are) One-hit wonders. It seems it will be impossible for them to recover from their bad image."

JYP Entertainment's CEO, Jimmy Jeong (also known as Jeong Wook), echoed this sentiment, stating, "When it comes to work, it would be difficult to trust (the members) and be trusted."

However, not all insiders were entirely pessimistic. Of the 15 who believed that the members could still promote, almost all felt that while they might return to the stage, regaining the public's favor would be a tall order. One insider remarked, "I don't think broadcasters would view them favorably, and I'm not sure how many fans would root for them."

Netizens, the ever-vocal online community, had their own take on the survey's results. Many expressed their desire for the group members to step away from the limelight. Comments ranged from "The members said they'd rather quit singing than return. They can do that now," to "I hope they quit being a singer." Others were taken aback by the high-profile lineup of those surveyed, with one netizen noting, "Look at the poll's lineup, LOL. Because it was the song that blew up rather than the members, they won't be able to recover from this, LOL."

The controversy surrounding FIFTY FIFTY and their label has been one of the most talked-about issues in the K-pop world. As the legal battle unfolds and the industry watches closely, the group's future remains uncertain.