In a recent revelation, SHINee's Key, a prominent figure in the K-pop world, delved into the enigma surrounding a supposed shirtless photo that appeared on his Instagram profile. The incident, which has been a topic of fervent discussion among fans and netizens, was addressed by Key during an interview where he navigated various online community boards in Korea.

Key, known for his forthright and jovial nature, didn't shy away from engaging with the trending topics that resonate with his ardent fanbase, fondly termed as Shawols. A specific post that caught his eye pointed out an apparent shift in his stance on revealing attire. This post alluded to a shirtless image allegedly posted by Key on his Instagram. However, to Key's surprise, he had no memory of sharing such a photo. Intrigued, he clicked on the provided link to verify the claim.

Injecting a touch of humor into the situation, Key confessed his inability to remember posting the shirtless image, humorously remarking, "There's nothing to see, but many people seem interested." As he delved deeper into the comments on the older Instagram post, he noticed a plethora of fans speculating the possibility of his account being compromised.

Addressing the broader topic of his comfort with revealing attire, Key was candid. He shared that in his younger years, he wrestled with self-esteem issues concerning his looks and physique. However, as time progressed, he reached a point of indifference, no longer perturbed by the idea of revealing or concealing his skin.

The online community's reaction to Key's revelations was a mix of surprise, amusement, and concern. Comments ranged from fans expressing disbelief that Key wasn't aware of the post to others jokingly suggesting he might have been "sleep-posting." Some expressed relief that Key addressed the matter, emphasizing the importance of being cautious on social media. Others voiced concerns about potential hacking, underscoring the seriousness of such speculations.

Apart from this intriguing episode, Key also touched upon the unique and unexpected questions fans pose during fansign events. He further opened up about the challenges of his demanding schedules, especially as a regular panelist on MBC's "I Live Alone."

As the mystery of the shirtless photo continues to baffle fans, one thing is clear: Key's candidness and ability to address issues head-on only endear him more to his global fanbase.