BTS's Jungkook has illuminated his global popularity by making a record with his single "Seven" as one of the "Top 10 Best-Selling Singles of 2023" worldwide.

On September 23, the World Music Awards (WMA), often referred to as the "European Billboard," announced through their official account that Jungkook's solo single "Seven" has surpassed 5.5 million sales globally.

The World Music Awards highlighted that "Seven currently ranks among the top 10 best-selling singles of 2023," emphasizing the immense global popularity and streaming power of "Seven."

Jungkook has firmly established himself not just as a K-pop idol but as a global pop star, showcasing his commercial success as a solo artist.

Previously, "Seven" set a debut record on the U.S. Billboard's "Global 200" chart with the highest weekly sales of 269,000 units among all global groups and solo artists. Additionally, Jungkook achieved over a million sales in the U.S. with "Seven" in the shortest period of 70 days for a K-pop solo artist in 2023.

"Seven" clinched the No.1 spot on Billboard's main singles chart "Hot 100," and consecutively topped both the "Global 200" and "Global Excl. U.S." charts for seven weeks. The song also maintained its long-run popularity by staying on the "Hot 100" for nine consecutive weeks and entering the UK's Official Singles "Top 100" chart for ten consecutive weeks.

On September 20th (local time), Jungkook was the only K-pop artist to be featured on the "Platinum Players Power List" of 25 musicians who shined this year, as announced by the U.S. entertainment media "The Hollywood Reporter." In September, he also claimed the top spot in the "2023 Artist of the Summer" list by "Audacy," one of the largest radio station networks in the U.S.

Jungkook, with "Seven," became the first Korean solo artist to win the "Song of Summer" category at the "2023 MTV Video Music Awards (MTV VMA)." He also topped the "Global Song of the Summer for 2023" list curated by Billboard, continuing his streak of record-breaking achievements.

Meanwhile, on the 24th (Korean time), Jungkook made history by being the first Korean solo artist to headline the "Global Citizen Festival 2023" held in New York's Central Park, earning widespread acclaim for his mesmerizing performance and flawless live vocals.