The group IVE, consisting of members Ahn Yujin, Gaeul, Rae, Jang Wonyoung, Liz, and Leeseo, is set to dominate music charts with the pre-release of their first title track.

IVE will pre-release their title track "Either Way" from their first mini-album "I'VE MINE" at 6 PM on September 25 (KST) across various online music platforms.

Through this album, IVE will present a multifaceted image of "self" from various perspectives. Notably, with triple title tracks "Baddie," "Off The Record," and "Either Way," each offering a distinct mood, the group aims to deliver a robust message.

The first to be unveiled, "Either Way," is a song that evokes a lyrical atmosphere with its dreamy synths, singing about the self constrained by others' perceptions. Singer-songwriter Sunwoo Jung-A took charge of the lyrics, promising a top-tier synergy with IVE. The song's lyrics, which reflect our ironic modern society, combined with IVE's emotional vocals, are expected to resonate with listeners.

Amidst rising anticipation for the first title track, Starship Entertainment, their agency, released the concept photos for "Either Way" on IVE's official channel on September 24th, capturing attention.

Through four individual concept photos for each member, IVE captured the various facets of "self." In familiar yet everyday settings, IVE showcased a colorful yet dreamy charm, offering both a unique and fantastical vibe.

Ahn Yujin captivated with her bold haircut and intense eye makeup, exuding a mysterious yet chic mood. Kaeul radiated a cold and haughty charm with glitter and cubic zirconia styled like teardrops. Rae showcased a myriad of looks, from her pigtails and kitschy styling to her enigmatic expressionless face.

Jang Wonyoung, revealing her long blonde hair, perfectly embodied a powerful and dreamy image. Liz flaunted a more mature aura while showcasing her doll-like beauty. Lastly, Leeseo expressed her free-spirited youthful charm. Through these concept photos, IVE conveyed that they are not confined to a single image, setting expectations high for their portrayal of the multifaceted "self."

Alongside this, the music video for "Either Way," which has garnered significant attention due to the participation of South Korea's top CF director Yoo Kwang-kyung, known for his unique visuals and sensuous direction, will also be fully released at 6 PM today.

IVE will engage with fans through a "Either Way" music release countdown live on their official channel at 5:30 PM today. As the first to be unveiled among the triple title tracks, "Either Way" is expected to amplify the anticipation for their comeback as they share various stories about the song.