BTS Jin's self-composed track 'Abyss' has once again clinched the number one spot on iTunes, showcasing its enduring popularity. Recently, 'Abyss' topped the iTunes Top Songs chart in Papua New Guinea.

The song 'Abyss', meaning 'deep ocean', is a personal and honest reflection of Jin's experiences with burnout. The dreamy melody, reminiscent of the deep sea, and the heartfelt lyrics have resonated with listeners worldwide, maintaining its popularity over time.

'Abyss' achieved the number one spot in the iTunes Top Songs chart in 20 countries, including Indonesia, Chile, the Netherlands, Estonia, Trinidad and Tobago, and Papua New Guinea. It also ranked high on several other national charts, including the 'Worldwide Chart', 'iTunes US Chart', and 'iTunes Europe Chart', proving its global appeal.

Released in December 2020, just two hours before Jin's birthday, 'Abyss' was shared via BTS's official SoundCloud, BANGTANTV, and blog. In a blog post, Jin opened up about the reasons behind creating the song, offering solace and healing to many in similar situations.

Initially available only on SoundCloud and YouTube, 'Abyss' was officially released on all streaming platforms in October last year, alongside Jin's other solo tracks 'Tonight' and 'Super Tuna'. Upon release, these three tracks dominated iTunes charts worldwide, demonstrating Jin's strong musical influence.

Jin's natural artistic talent, his unique silver voice, and his ability to deliver emotional and sweet lyrics in 'Abyss' have garnered widespread acclaim from various media and listeners. Indian music magazine 'The Score Magazine' praised Jin for his stable breath control and impressive falsetto, highlighting his strengths as a born tenor. Entertainment Weekly also lauded Jin's innate musical talent in 'Abyss', and Teen Vogue named it one of the best K-pop moments of 2020, noting the song's explosive response and acclaim.

In 'Abyss', Jin showcases his powerful and evocative voice, smoothly transitioning between high and low notes with ease. Without any promotion at its release, 'Abyss' achieved remarkable records across various domains and continues to be loved over time.

Despite the 'military hiatus', Jin's unwavering global popularity and influence set high expectations for his diverse activities as a solo artist after his discharge.