Could there be a more spectacular 'eve of enlistment'? BTS members Suga, V, and Jungkook, who have shone as the year's top solo artists, have swept major categories in end-of-year music summaries by prestigious foreign media. Suga is currently serving as a public service worker since September, while V and Jungkook are set to enlist on the 11th and 12th of this month, respectively.

Rather than dwelling on the temporary goodbye, international media have focused on the post-enlistment era of 'BTS 2.0'. Their praises are echoed in the global pop hubs of North America and the UK, including renowned outlets like Rolling Stone, Consequence of Sound, and Time Out UK.

Rolling Stone recently announced their 'Album of the Year' and 'Song of the Year', highlighting Suga's album 'D-DAY' at number 69 in 'The 100 Best Albums of 2023', V's 'Rainy Days' at number 58, and Jungkook's 'Seven' at number 99 in 'The 100 Best Songs of 2023'. Another leading North American outlet, Consequence of Sound, also featured 'D-DAY' in their 'The 50 Best Albums of 2023', praising it as a well-crafted masterpiece.

In the UK, Time Out highlighted V's solo album 'Layover', placing it 19th in 'The 30 Best Albums of 2023', emphasizing V's unique talent as an artist with both commercial appeal and artistic integrity.

Jungkook's contribution to the global pop scene this year cannot be overlooked. The New York Times included his first full album 'GOLDEN' in their best albums list of the year, and Uproxx also named it as one of the best albums, cementing Jungkook's rise as a new 'Emperor of Pop'.

Especially with his summer hit 'Seven', along with '3D' and 'Standing Next to You', Jungkook lit up the charts with three consecutive mega-hits, signaling a bright possibility of winning various global pop awards. His performance at the opening of the American awards parade, notably at the Billboard Music Awards, has raised expectations for his success at the American Music Awards and even a Grammy nomination.