In a startling disclosure, sources close to former President Donald Trump and his wife Melania have described their marriage as devoid of intimacy and driven more by political and financial considerations than affection. The couple, who have been married for 18 years, reportedly have not been intimate for over six years, with their relationship being described as more transactional than romantic.

According to insiders via Globe magazine, 53-year-old Melania and 77-year-old Donald maintain a public image of marital harmony while leading largely separate lives. This façade, sources suggest, is a calculated strategy to bolster Trump's potential bid for the presidency and to counter allegations of his infidelity and sexual misconduct.

One insider elaborated, "Donald is with Melania because her presence could help him win the presidency again. She provides a living, breathing defense against claims he's a serial cheater and sexual predator." However, the strains of life in Trump's world are sometimes too much for Melania, the source added.

Melania's conspicuous absence from key family gatherings, including the annual Trump family Christmas party, has further fueled speculation about the state of their marriage. While her absence was officially attributed to caring for her ailing mother, insiders claim that Melania generally avoids Trump's other children and was notably absent when the family assembled at Mar-a-Lago after Trump was ordered to pay $5 million in a sexual abuse and defamation case involving former Elle magazine advice columnist E. Jean Carroll.

Trump has consistently denied Carroll's allegations, as well as other claims of sexual encounters, including one alleged with porn star Stormy Daniels. Melania has publicly stood by her husband amid these allegations, but sources claim that her support comes at a significant financial cost. Should their marriage end in divorce or upon Trump's death, Melania is expected to receive a substantial portion of his estimated $2.6 billion fortune.

Recent reports indicate that Melania had considered divorcing Trump to distance herself from his escalating legal troubles but was persuaded to stay after renegotiating their prenuptial agreement. This revised agreement reportedly guarantees her a $100 million payout, even in the event of a divorce.

In return, Melania has agreed to support Trump's campaign for the Republican Party's nomination for a second term in the White House. Her recent public appearances, including visits to the National Archives and former First Lady Rosalynn Carter's funeral, contrast with her general absence from the public eye in 2023.

Despite living together at Mar-a-Lago in Florida, the couple reportedly has separate bedrooms, a continuation of their living arrangement during their time at the White House. A source described the emotional distance between them, saying, "Melania can't really stomach the sight of him anymore. He's repugnant to her."

The Trumps' marriage, as depicted by these sources, seems to be a complex interplay of power dynamics, where personal and political aspirations intertwine. Melania's position in this equation is portrayed as one of strategic advantage, leveraging her role in the marriage to ensure financial security for herself and her son, Barron. As Trump continues to navigate his political ambitions and legal challenges, Melania's role and their unconventional marriage arrangement remain subjects of public intrigue and speculation.