British-Jamaican socialite Lady Colin Campbell has recently criticized Meghan Markle, the Duchess of Sussex, claiming that she is "not capable of learning lessons" as her popularity continues to decline. Campbell's comments come as Markle launches her new lifestyle brand, American Riviera Orchard, amidst ongoing tensions with the British royal family.

Speaking on GB News, Campbell asserted that Markle "blames everybody else for her errors" and is "enraged" by her repeated failures in comparison to the successes of Catherine, Princess of Wales. "I've been told that she is enraged because no matter what she does, it flops, and no matter what Catherine does, it succeeds," Campbell stated.

The socialite also suggested that Markle and her husband, Prince Harry, are facing significant financial challenges as their various deals and projects continue to collapse. "She has a billionaire lifestyle without the money," Campbell said. "They're quickly running into serious problems financially. Every deal collapses, and all these phantasmagoric figures that they were bandying about will never reach their bank account."

Campbell's remarks come on the heels of several setbacks for the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, including the end of their lucrative Spotify deal in 2023 and an executive branding them as "grifters" shortly after the news broke. The couple's popularity has also taken a hit following a series of scathing remarks about the royal family in recent years.

"She's not capable of learning a lesson which is tragic because, for all her personal character and personality flaws, she would have now been the most popular human being on Earth," Campbell explained. "Catherine wouldn't be."

The socialite also alluded to the royal family's disinterest in interacting with Markle and Prince Harry as King Charles and Kate Middleton battle cancer. "My understanding is, not one of the four participants of whom we've been speaking have any interest whatsoever in ever interacting with Harry or Meghan in an official capacity ever again," she noted.

"Even if Charles were inclined and Camilla went along with it to have some form of private rapprochement with Harry, there is no way there will be an official role for Harry or Meghan," Campbell added.

The timing of Markle's new lifestyle brand launch has also drawn criticism, with commentator Pandora Forsyth describing it as "bizarre" given its coincidence with the Diana Awards on March 14. "I thought as soon as it happened, surely this would be an event in both of their calendars," Forsyth told GB News. "I would have thought the Diana Award and the Diana Legacy Award would be something that is crossed over. I'm really surprised."

Despite the launch of American Riviera Orchard, Markle has yet to release any further content or information about the brand, leaving fans uncertain about when to expect more details.

As the Duchess of Sussex navigates the challenges of her post-royal life, experts suggest that the Sussexes have "slammed the breaks" on their "American Royal Family" plot following Kate Middleton's cancer announcement. Richard Fitzwilliams, a royal commentator, stated, "There isn't anything that the Sussexes are going to be able to do to monetize their connections with the royal family in the future that I can imagine."

With Markle's popularity on both sides of the Atlantic continuing to plummet and ongoing tensions with the royal family, the success of her new lifestyle brand and future endeavors remains uncertain. As Lady Colin Campbell suggests, the Duchess of Sussex may need to reevaluate her approach and learn from her perceived missteps if she hopes to regain public favor and achieve long-term success.