Pop icon Britney Spears, 42, is reportedly facing challenges in expanding her family, as potential sperm donors are put off by her high-profile persona and past controversies. Amidst navigating personal and public life complexities, Spears remains determined to have another child.

Spears, who rose to fame with hits like "Toxic" and "Criminal," is navigating the aftermath of her marriage to Sam Asghari, 30. The couple's split, marked by Asghari filing for divorce after 14 months of marriage, has been fraught with allegations from both sides, including accusations of infidelity and inappropriate behavior, which Spears denies.

An insider said to National Enquirer that despite her current relationship status, Spears is determined to have another child. "Britney believes that having a baby is what she needs most at this point in her life, and she's eager to proceed without waiting for a romantic relationship," the source stated.

However, finding a donor who meets her criteria has proven to be a challenge. Candidates have reportedly been deterred by Spears's public persona, or disagreements have arisen during the selection process.

Although Spears prefers the idea of starting a family within the context of a romantic relationship, her desire to have a child soon is influenced by concerns over her advancing age and fertility.

Amidst her personal quest for motherhood, Spears has been linked romantically to Paul Richard Soliz, a former employee with a complicated legal history, including charges related to child endangerment, unlicensed driving, and felony firearm possession. Insiders suggest that while Soliz is currently a part of Spears's life, she does not consider him as a potential partner in parenthood.

Despite rumors of a breakup in September 2023, Britney Spears continues to see Paul Richard Soliz, a former housekeeper, according to multiple insiders speaking with Us Weekly. "Britney and Paul are definitely together," one source confirmed, highlighting that Soliz, who began working at Spears' Los Angeles residence in May prior to her divorce from Sam Asghari, remains a significant part of her life.

Soliz and Spears maintain a low profile, opting for road trips to Santa Barbara over public outings, and Soliz spends several nights a week at Spears' home. This arrangement, however, has reportedly left Spears wanting more attention, a challenge given Soliz's full-time job and familial responsibilities. Despite this, Soliz has introduced Spears to his children, fostering a bond especially with his 7-year-old son, who Spears is said to favor.

Concerns about Soliz's past, which includes various legal issues, have made Spears' team wary of him. "Her assistants don’t want [Paul] around; they’ve made that clear from day one," a source noted, adding that despite suspicions from Spears' managerial team, Soliz is described as not being interested in Spears for ulterior motives. "He isn’t in it for that and genuinely cares about her as a person," the insider said.

Another source described the relationship between Spears and Soliz as exclusive on Soliz's part, though they suggested Spears might not be as committed. "She isn’t technically dating anyone, but she is sleeping with a few other people," they said. Meanwhile, a third informant indicated that Spears, while not in a serious relationship, remains open to the idea of finding love again.

Spears and Soliz's relationship came under the spotlight after Soliz was terminated from his maintenance role at Spears' home, a move that followed revelations of their affair, sparking Asghari to file for divorce. Despite these complications, Soliz spoke highly of Spears in a September interview with Us, calling her "a phenomenal woman" and expressing a desire to improve his public image.