Beyoncé's hit country album has rapper husband Jay-Z branding her a sellout for abandoning R&B in favor of appealing to mainstream America, and the couple may be on the verge of a $2.5 billion divorce, a new report claimed.

Beyoncé, 42, recently gushed about her guy at the iHeartRadio Music Awards, calling 54-year-old Jay "my husband, my rock, my best friend." However, tipsters tell The National Enquirer that the public praise was a desperate bid to salvage the couple's troubled 16-year marriage — which has long been rocked by Jay's suspected infidelities — as the irritated mogul sees her “Cowboy Carter” record as the final straw.

A source exclusively told The National Enquirer that Beyoncé has quietly hired a lawyer because she fears a violent battle over their extraordinary money and three young children — Blue Ivy, 12, and twins Rumi and Sir, both six years old.

“Beyoncé was already a rising star when Jay met her in 2002, and he pushed her into superstar status. But Bey long ago stopped listening to Jay when it comes to her career,” an insider claimed.

The Houston native grew up with country music and cowboy culture. However, reports say Jay, who grew up on the tough streets of Brooklyn, dismisses the popular genre.

“He told Beyoncé she’s singing to folks he and his friends always laughed at — and that infuriates her,” the insider blabbed.

Meanwhile, the ambitious babe's Texas Hold 'Em single quickly rose to the top of the country charts, with 26 of the record's 27 songs being among Apple Music's Top 100 most streamed songs.

“Beyoncé will undoubtedly be the toast of country music awards shows for her album. But Jay has already told her he doesn’t want to attend those shows with her — that isn’t a crowd he wants to hang out in,” a pal predicted.

Moles worry that the recent showdown may cause a lasting split. “She and Jay aren’t on the same page any longer. It seems like they’ve reached the point of no return,” an informant suggested.

Meanwhile, Beyoncé has spoken out about husband Jay-Z's alleged infidelities, including on her latest album, “Cowboy Carter,” but a source claims the rapper hasn't strayed in a long time, thanks to rigorous adherence to Queen Bey's standards.

“Jay’s ultimately very grateful that she didn’t give up on him back in the day,” the unidentified source exclusively to In Touch, referring to adultery claims that first surfaced in 2014 and ended in that iconic elevator confrontation with Bey's sister, Solange Knowles.

According to the insider, the 42-year-old pop icon and 54-year-old recording mogul schedule regular therapy sessions and dates.

“So he shows his respect by following her rules. He used to go out with the boys all the time but that’s off-limits. And Beyoncé doesn’t like him having one-on-ones with his female talent. They work hard at making their marriage work, and they’re in a healthier place since Beyoncé put her foot down,” the tipster claimed.

Business Times has reached out to both Beyonce and Jay-Z for comments over the claims that they are heading to a $2.5 billion divorce. We cannot independently verify the split reports. So, avid followers of the Hollywood power couple should take these speculations lightly until everything is proven true and correct.