Gigi Hadid is staking her claim on boyfriend Bradley Cooper, now that his ex, Irina Shayk, is single and on the prowl, a new report claimed.

An unnamed source told Star Magazine that since Irina, 38, split from Tom Brady — following an on-off romance that ignited last summer and appears to have fizzled early this year — Gigi, 29, is “nervous” her fellow supermodel will renew her interest in Bradley, 49. After all, the pair have remained the friendliest of coparents to daughter Lea, 7, since their 2019 split.

“Irina and Bradley’s relationship now is so unconventionally clingy, it’s enough to make Gigi uncomfortable. They speak every day and know everything about each other’s lives,” the insider said.

According to the informant, the Oscar winner has stated that his connection with Irina is finished. “But Gigi doesn’t trust Irina one bit and wouldn’t put it past her to come onto Bradley just for kicks,” it stated.

The tipster also stated that Irina, who vacationed in Italy with Bradley and Lea last summer and trick-or-treated with them in New York City last fall, had high expectations for her next partner.

“It might be a while before she lands someone. He has to be rich, good-looking and super successful. In the meantime, she has Bradley to lean on, and that’s what worries Gigi. She’s on her guard until Irina finds another man,” the mole shared.

Meanwhile, Bradley and Gigi’s loved ones are hoping they're in it for the long haul.

"Everything is going well with Gigi and Bradley and they’re really happy in their relationship. Their friends and family would love to see them get engaged soon, but also know that they are on their own path and timeline,” a mole told Entertainment Tonight.

According to the snitch, the pair has already discussed their future plans.

"Communication has always been key between the two of them and they are both open and honest with each other about their future. They are also both dedicated when it comes to their work commitments and projects, loved ones, and parenthood. They have similar goals, which makes it very easy for them to connect,” the spy added.

Brad and Gigi, who have been dating since October, has yet to publicly confirm their relationship or make a red carpet appearance together. They were most recently seen having a date night at a Broadway musical in New York City last month.

Business Times has reached out to Bradley Cooper and Gigi Hadid for comments.