There have been disturbing new suspicions that the palace is trying to hide the full depth of Princess Kate's physical and mental collapse, according to a recent report. These fears have been motivated by the fact that she has been continually absent from the royal spotlight.

It has been six months since Prince William's adored wife was last seen attending public engagements, and the press blackout on her status has caused widespread worry that she is terminally ill and may never be seen in public again.

“The silence about Kate’s health crisis — believed to be ovarian cancer — is deafening. We’re terrified Kate’s way worse than the royals are saying. Could we wake up one morning and find she has suddenly passed?” an unnamed source told Globe Magazine.

Additionally, reports claimed it is possible that the Princess of Wales is battling more than just cancer at this time.

“Kate’s disappearance has even generated palace whispers she’s been secretly hospitalized for severe emotional issues and will never be able to resume her role at William’s side. All this secrecy is devastating and points to an impending disaster for the monarchy,” the insider stated.

After Kensington Palace disclosed on May 21 that the chemo-ravaged princess was the "driving force" behind a major report by her Early Childhood Foundation, which called for businesses to establish more family-friendly working practices, the new warning bells for Princess Kate's health detonated. The report was a plea for businesses to implement more family-friendly policy.

Surprisingly, the mother of three, who is 42 years old, did not issue a personal statement, and the palace acknowledged that she will not be returning to her duties in the near future. Instantaneously, the royal family was accused of engaging in a cover-up.

“What is the palace trying to hide about Kate? I don’t believe anything until we see her. She was the most photographed woman in the world and there hasn’t been a single picture of her going to or from the hospital for treatment. This suggests there’s much more to this story than the palace is letting on,” the informant stated.

The last public portrait of Princess Kate was taken around Christmas, when she was accompanied by her husband, Prince William, and their children. This was before she underwent a covert stomach operation in the middle of January. A tearful video posted on March 22 revealed that Princess Kate, who appeared pale and emaciated, had finally confessed the devastating diagnosis of cancer. Palace insiders had informed Globe that she was afflicted with the disease.

This shocking revelation occurred just a few weeks after King Charles, who is 75 years old, disclosed that he had been diagnosed with the fatal disease due to a treatment that was performed to treat a benign prostate ailment, as per Today. However, despite the fact that King Charles has courageously resumed his duties, Princess Kate has not been discovered anywhere.

“What is really going on? There is a horrible ongoing silence as to the whereabouts and wellbeing of our future queen,” the tipster stated.

After describing the scenario to her children, George, 10, Charlotte, 9, and Louis, 5, Princess Kate begged for seclusion when she delivered her shocking diagnosis. She had previously explained the situation to her children. It is highly possible that this request was made in anticipation of the severe consequences that the chemotherapy would have on her, Eugenie, and Zara Tindall's appearances.

“Kate was very thin before, and the chemo’s likely left her looking skeletal. Her hair is her crowning glory, but word is it was falling out in clumps and by now she may be totally bald. In addition, the chemo will likely cause an early menopause, which for kid-loving Kate must be emotionally devastating. I don’t think she ever gave up on the possibility of having one more child, even though William was dead set against it,” a palace courtier said.

It was expected of the courageous princess that she would face her health struggle with dignity and fortitude, serving as a champion for all cancer sufferers by boldly wearing the destructive effects of the sickness and treatment like a badge of honor rather than going into hiding.

“Despite everything Kate is enduring, she is a true Warrior Princess, and we believe she would still make public appearances if she were able. She’d want to be an example of what happens to someone undergoing debiliitating chemo and could be an inspiration for others.
“The fact she is hiding away — or being hidden away — is frightening,” the palace courtier added.

Princess Kate was noticeably absent from a garden party that Prince William recently hosted. He enlisted the assistance of his cousins, including Prince Andrew's daughters Beatrice, 35, and Eugenie, 34, as well as Princess Anne's children, Peter Phillips, 46, and Zara Tindall, 43, to assist with the responsibilities of hosting the event.

“The only way Kate can stop the speculation she is dying or suffering a mental breakdown is to appear in public, even briefly,” the palace courtier stated.

However, it is quite unlikely that this will occur in the near future because King Charles and Prince William have postponed all of their public appearances following the announcement made by British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak on July 4 that a general election will be held. It is common tradition for the royal family to take a step back in order to maintain their focus on the election and to avoid getting involved in the political sphere.

On the other hand, Princess Kate, who has been absent from the public eye for a total of 163 days, has decided to make no further public appearances for the balance of the year.

“Without an opportunity for Kate to make an appearance, speculation will only grow. As the late Queen Elizabeth always said: ‘You have to be seen to be believed,’” the palace courtier warned.

Business Times has reached out to Princess Kate for comments.