Prince Harry's efforts to mend the rift with his father, King Charles III, and brother, Prince William, have met with little success, leaving the Duke of Sussex increasingly frustrated and angry, according to royal experts. Despite his attempts to reach out and reconcile, Harry remains on the outs with his family, who are currently focused on other pressing matters.

The Duke of Sussex's estrangement from his family has been well-documented, but recent reports suggest that his efforts to bridge the gap have been rebuffed. Christopher Andersen, a royal author and commentator, told Fox News that both King Charles and Prince William are currently preoccupied with their own significant challenges, making it easier for them to sideline Harry's attempts at reconciliation.

"The King and the Princess of Wales' cancer battles have made it easier for both King Charles III and Prince William to put Harry out of their minds," Andersen explained. "They are both shunning him now because they can't afford not to-they simply can't handle the distraction."

Andersen, the author of "The King," suggests that the fallout from Harry's memoir "Spare" has been overshadowed by the health crises facing King Charles and Kate Middleton. This has left the King and his heir apparent too occupied to consider Harry's overtures, effectively turning their backs on him.

"Harry has tried again and again to make amends with his father, but to no avail," Andersen continued. "The King and William have really dug in, and the more Harry is rebuffed, the angrier and more frustrated he gets. He must be thinking, 'Why should I keep quiet if my father and brother are stonewalling me?'"

This ongoing frustration has led some to speculate that Harry might be considering another tell-all book. However, Andersen believes that Harry is aware of the timing and the current health struggles of his father and sister-in-law, which might prevent him from taking such a step at this moment.

"Harry surely would not want to be seen kicking them when they're down," Andersen added.

British broadcaster and photographer Helena Chard also weighed in, suggesting that Prince William is acting protectively towards his wife, Kate Middleton, and is unlikely to welcome Harry into their lives during her recovery.

"Prince Harry has created much hurt and upset for the Prince and Princess of Wales and his family. He has many fences to build before he can expect his family to welcome him with open arms," Chard said. "Fingers crossed he will get on with building these bridges in private, as I'm sure he misses his family."

Chard emphasized that the Princess of Wales, often seen as the diplomatic peacekeeper within the family, is currently not well enough to manage a reconciliation meeting with Harry.

"The Princess of Wales is diplomatic and is the peacekeeper within the family but is not well enough to navigate a meeting with Prince Harry at this point," Chard noted.

The deepening rift between Harry and his family comes at a time when the royal family is dealing with significant health issues and other responsibilities. With King Charles and Prince William focusing on their immediate priorities, Harry's path to reconciliation seems more challenging than ever.