On May 16, Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck were finally seen together at an event for their children, after a period of 47 days during which they had not been seen together under any circumstances.

At the graduation ceremony for his daughter Violet Affleck, which took place on May 30, the Oscar winner, who is 51 years old, and the Atlas actress, who is 54 years old, were once again brought together.

Then, as the number of allegations of problems in their marriage increased, the “Gigli” costars, who had rekindled their romance twenty years after their initial breakup and had gotten married in 2022, managed to pull off an embarrassing air kiss outside of his son Samuel's basketball game on June 2.

“It’s a good sign they were at the game together,” an unnamed source told Star Magazine.

Jennifer is allegedly prepared to do whatever to salvage Bennifer 2.0, which is her fourth marriage, which is described as a "fairy tale." According to an insider who spoke to the entertainment news outlet, Jennifer is putting their children in the spotlight as a means of maintaining a close relationship with Ben.

Ben also has a child named Fin, who is 15 years old, with Jennifer Garner, while the “Papi” singer has twins named Max and Emme, who are 16 years old, with her ex-boyfriend Marc Anthony, as per Daily Mail.

“Jennifer is doing anything in her power to control this situation, unpleasant as it is. She’s going to the kids’ events to show Ben that things haven’t changed for her, she’s still his wife, she loves him no matter what, and she loves his kids like they were her own,” the informant said.

Notably, Jennifer also put the children in the center of her attention when she revealed that she would be canceling her "This Is Me... Live" Tour. Despite the fact that the tour was plagued by low ticket sales, representatives from Live Nation chose to ignore this fact when they delivered the news on June 1. Instead, they explained that Jennifer is taking time off to be with her children, family, and close friends.

She then addressed her followers, saying, "Please know that I wouldn't do this if I didn't feel that it was absolutely necessary." Jennifer was described as being "heartsick and devastated" at the time, The Hollywood Reporter noted. It is not a coincidence that the declaration, in addition to her being photographed at the events for children, contributed to the notion that the native of the Bronx was giving up her career in order to rescue her family.

“Jennifer’s not stupid. She knows that attending Violet’s graduation and Samuel’s basketball game makes her look good, it’s also a way to stay close to Ben and their blended family,” the tipster shared.

The mole said that Ben is apprehensive of putting the children in the middle of the conflict, despite the fact that he has, for the most part, allowed Jennifer to have her way, despite the fact that he appeared miserable when cameras captured that air kiss. To be fair, Jennifer is attempting to exercise caution despite the fact that she is in a desperate situation, particularly with Emme and Fin, who have developed a tight relationship.

“Neither Ben nor Jen wants to involve the kids in their marriage problems. Ben’s going along with it because he doesn’t want to invite anymore unwanted publicity,” the snitch shared.

Despite the fact that Ben is being silent, his actions speak for themselves. He has not made any attempt to conceal the fact that he has relocated to a rental property in Brentwood, California, that costs $100,000 a month, as per Page Six. The fact that he is unable to locate a space to himself in the 38,000-square-foot, 12-bedroom property that the couple acquired for $60 million is a very telling sign.

“That shows how miserable he was. Ben knew the marriage wasn’t working, otherwise he wouldn’t have gone to the trouble of renting another house,” the spy stated.

Ben and Jennifer’s brood may face a future shuttling between them. “Ben loves his kids, he knows they care about Jennifer. Ben doesn’t want to hurt them by hurting Jennifer, but he’s got to do what’s right for him,” the naysayer said.

Business Times has reached out to Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez for comments.