Over the weekend, Noah Schnapp was allegedly required to leave a club in New York City because of his behavior.

It was reported that the actor from "Stranger Things" was partying at the popular venue The Palace, but he was kicked out of the establishment early on Saturday morning because he went out of control.

An unnamed source told Page Six that Noah harassed other customers who had paid for bottle service in order to have tequila shots with him and his crew without their permission.

On the other hand, other clubgoers did not want to take part in the activity since he was young, and this behavior apparently caused him to become "angry."

According to reports, Noah became so "aggressively wasted" that security had to personally accompany him out of the premises at approximately 1:30 a.m. Eastern Time.

The unidentified insider went on to say that once he was kicked out of the building, he retreated to the sidewalk and was "clearly unable to stand." After two in the morning, he reportedly fled.

Page Six claimed Noah had not posted any highlights from the outing on any of his social media accounts. Some people, on the other hand, objected and questioned the reason why he was permitted to enter the bar if he was a kid.

It is interesting to note that Noah is no longer a minor. In fact, he is currently 19 years old and will turn 20 in October.

Noah appeared to be under the influence of alcohol in the video that Page Six received from the encounter. The nightclub was the location where he was observed sitting on a couch with his arm around one of his friends. Furthermore, in another video clip, he assisted another friend in sitting down while a woman danced on a couch that was adjacent to them.

This is not the first time that Noah has been connected to a contentious issue. A racial insult and the actor's views on the continuing conflict between Hamas and Israel were two of the things that brought him to mainstream media attention in the past.

In the year 2020, a video of him singing Chris Brown's line in Lil Dicky's song "Freaky Friday" became viral on Facebook due to the fact that Noah did not filter the use of the N-word, Us Weekly reported. Subsequently, Noah expressed regret for the slur.

"Hi, guys. recently, a video from last summer has gotten out of me dancing and singing a song while singing the word 'neighbor' over the n word. I would truly never say the n word, and I'm not the type of person. I genuinely have never used that word in my life. Using the word 'neighbor' in that song was just something my camp friends and I did," Noah previously posted on Instagram.

"I hope you all understand i could never even think about doing that. My friends also would never post a video, or support me, if I was saying that slur without hesitation. I apologize for using a replacement word. It is not my place to use one, and I should of [sic] kept my mouth shut. I understand why it is found offensive, and I am so sorry,” he went on.

When he filmed people carrying stickers that said "Zionism is sexy" in January, Noah received additional criticism for his actions. However, he explained that his views and beliefs were "misconstrued" and that he merely wanted "peace and safety and security for all innocent people affected by this conflict."

Infuriated fans urged for others to boycott the final season of "Stranger Things," but Noah issued a statement stating his thoughts and values were misconstrued.