The moment has allegedly come for Taylor Swift to go and select a white dress for her upcoming wedding. A new report claimed that Travis Kelce, the boyfriend of the individual in question, has "met with a high-end jeweler several times" in the past several months, and that the "I dos" will take place sooner rather than later.

“Taylor has her heart set on a summer wedding. She’s already narrowed down her picks for her bridal gown and two other designer dresses she wants to wear,” an unnamed source told Life & Style Magazine.

According to the insider, Taylor and the NFL player, both of whom are 34 years old, have reached an agreement to hold a big outdoor ceremony and celebration at her residence in Rhode Island. Their desire is to be allegedly surrounded by members of their family and close friends.

Ryan Reynolds, Ed Sheeran, Bradley Cooper, Gigi Hadid, Emma Stone, Sophie Turner, Patrick and Brittany Mahomes, and of course, Blake Lively and Selena Gomez, who are Taylor's closest friends, are among the celebrities who have made the cut to their supposed guest list.

“There’s talk of banning phones. and having everyone sign NDAs to keep the day as private as possible,” the informant shared.

Taylor has allegedly been daydreaming about this moment for a very long time, despite the fact that she and the tight end for the Kansas City Chiefs did not start dating until the summer of last year.

 “It’ll be her ultimate dream wedding. They’ll definitely spare no expense,” the tipster claimed.

Nevertheless, there are other financial concerns that will need to be addressed first. “Taylor’s mom, Andrea, wants to make sure they have an ironclad prenup. But what Travis is most worried about is his vows!” the mole said.

According to the snitch, the Taylor, who has won multiple awards, will compose vows that are "spot on." As a result, Travis is under a great deal of pressure to make his vows exceptionally special.

Meanwhile, Patrick Regan, Travis Kelce's barber, previously revealed some delightful new information regarding the NFL star's romance with Taylor, PEOPLE reported.

In the course of an interview on the "Your Day Off" Podcast, Patrick, a longtime friend of Kelce, who is 34 years old, was questioned about what it is like to spend time with Taylor, who has won 14 Grammy Awards between them.

"It's kind of cool to see because I know her as a person. She’s very interested in what you're saying. She doesn’t act like the most famous celebrity in the world. She’s a very nice person, and she's a good girlfriend to my friend so it’s pretty cool, it doesn’t seem too crazy to me," Patrick stated of Taylor.

"However, things have changed" since the couple got together, the barber noted, citing the additional security measures Travis has had to take, including moving to a new home in Kansas City. "So things have changed for me, now I have to drive further," Patrick went on.

"Travis is one of my bros, so I used to just go sleep at his house every weekend. So, things have changed a little bit now, but it’s cool to see," Travis' longtime pal shared.

"I'm happy for him and happy to see the stardom that he's getting," Patrick said of Travis, who he described as "just a normal guy" and a "regular dude." Following that, the hosts of the podcast asked Patrick in a playful manner, "When is the wedding?"

A chuckle came from Travis' barber, who then replied, "Hopefully soon. It would be a lot of fun." When Patrick was asked by the hosts "how many plus one requests" he has received for the hypothetical future wedding, he responded by saying, "We'll see when they announce the wedding."

While it is not impossible for the couple to consider tying the knot very soon, it is important that neither Taylor Swift nor Travis Kelce has confirmed anything as of this writing. So, devoted supporters of the lovebirds should take all these wedding speculations with a big grain of salt until everything is proven true and correct.