Unless Justin Timberlake takes responsibility for his behavior, he runs the risk of getting a divorce that will be very expensive, a new report claimed.

After the singer was arrested for driving under the influence of alcohol in New York City last week, his wife Jessica Biel, who is 42 years old, is allegedly becoming increasingly frustrated with his inappropriate behavior.

“Jess can’t believe this has happened. She’s forgiven a lot of ‘bad’ behaviour over the years and while this isn’t one of his biggest screw-ups, it could be the final straw for Jess,” an unnamed source told New Idea.

Following an incident in which he allegedly sped past a stop sign and drifted out of his lane, the singer of "Not A Bad Thing" was taken into custody for driving under the influence of alcohol in the Hamptons on Tuesday of last week. It is anticipated that Justin, who is 43 years old, will make an appearance in court at a later time. Justin was released the next morning.

"This is going to ruin the tour," the singer reportedly said to the officer who arrested him at the time of the arrest.

On the other hand, those with knowledge of the situation have suggested that Justin ought to pay more attention to the impact that this will have on his marriage, which has been going on for eleven years.

“The past few years have shown to Jess just how self-absorbed he can be. She’s now seeing him in a new light and it wouldn’t surprise anyone if she started to not like what she sees,” the informant went on.

In light of the fact that Justin and Jessica’s combined net worth is projected to be in excess of $374 million, the possibility of a divorce occurring could result in a contentious battle. Silas, who is nine years old, and Phineas, who is four years old, are their children.

“It’s driving her friends and family mad that she’s stayed with him, and it’s frustrating, to them, how much of her pain he seems completely oblivious to. They want her to move out and find someone who worships her,” the tipster claimed.

Meanwhile, several weeks prior to his arrest for driving under the influence of alcohol, Justin was apparently sober when he was caught performing in Las Vegas with bloodshot eyes.

Despite the fact that many believed the "Mirrors" hitmaker was under the influence of alcohol or drugs while performing at the T-Mobile Arena as part of his “Forget Tomorrow World” Tour a month ago, sources confirmed to TMZ on Monday that he was not.

Justin's appearance, which was described as crimson and wide-eyed, was reportedly overanalyzed by reviewers who were trying to make fun of him because he is always perfectly sober for every show, according to the authoritative snitch.

According to the source, the 43-year-old former member of the New York State National Committee is required to maintain his sobriety while performing because there is an excessive amount of risk involved.

Justin as criticized after a video showed him performing in Sin City with bloodshot eyes. Insiders within the music industry hastened to defend the “Sexyback” singer after the video was released.

Responding to the clip of the father of two, one person commented, “he doesn’t look okay……..” a netizen said after watching Justin’s controversial clip, as per Page Six. “Those eyes though… dude is either not slept in a week or is going for round 2,” another fan stated.

Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel have yet to comment on the claims that their marriage could end up in an expensive divorce. So, devoted supporters of the Hollywood couple should take all these unverified reports with a huge grain of salt until everything is proven true and correct.