Zac Efron is believed to have had the opportunity to get cozy with Nicole Kidman, an Australian A-lister, by virtue of Keith Urban's absence at the actress' most recent premiere. Keith is allegedly unhappy about this.

Due to the unfortunate circumstances that prevented Keith, who is 56 years old, from attending, Nicole was forced to walk the red carpet alongside her co-stars from "A Family Affair," Zac and Joey King.

Subsequently, during the afterparty, Nicole and Zac were observed engaging in a profound conversation. When Nicole laid her head on Zac's shoulder, the “High School Musical” star appeared to be overjoyed at the prospect of filling the vacuum that Keith had left behind.

“No doubt Keith didn’t like seeing another bloke putting his hands on his wife, even if it is in a movie or at a press event. What man would? Even though everyone knows Nicole and Zac are just friends, it’s reportedly rattled Keith’s cage that Zac only did this movie because of Nic,” an unnamed source told New Idea.

Indeed, while doing press for “A Family Affair,” Nicole, 57, and Zac, 36, revealed they signed on to the rom-com because they wanted to work with one another again, following their first collaboration on 2012’s “The Paperboy.”

“We were easy with each other. When we chose to do it, it was kind of like a mutual [decision],” Nicole told Access Hollywood.

Additionally, Zac stated that he was "excited" about their reunion from the very beginning. The first thing that Nicole did was text him about the movie, and then she called him, he told Extratv. “[She said] ‘Do you want to do this because if you do it, I’ll do it.’ I was like, ‘Yeah! I do want to do it,’” he shared.

While Zac and Nicole's characters in “A Family Affair” are beginning an unlawful relationship, they participate in some steamy sex scenes, just like they did in “The Paperboy.” Taking into consideration their past, Zac asserted that the process of filming them was "very easy" for him.

“It would have upset Keith when Zac boasted about being ‘too’ comfortable with Nicole. That’s likely a huge red flag for Keith because it’s true. When they’re in the same room, they seem to have no boundaries when it comes to personal space because of the intimate work they’ve done. It would unnerve Keith to no end,” the informant said.

Keith is aware, of course, that this is one of the characteristics that his wife possesses. It has been acknowledged by Nicole that she is a highly tactile person, and there are occasions when she goes beyond her limits. One example of this is when she kissed her co-star on “Big Little Lies,” Alexander Skarsgård, on the lips in front of Keith at the 2017 Emmy Awards.

As a result of the fact that Zac has acknowledged to having a "huge crush" on Nicole, the tipster believes that Keith's concerns could be directed toward Vanessa Hudgens’ former beau.

At the most recent presentation for Nicole's AFI Life Achievement Award, Zac took the stage and admitted that he was guilty of the same thing. In the next moment, he switched his attention to Keith and advised him, "Don't get angry; we all do." What should I say to you, man? I have no idea. You were victorious."

Business Times has reached out to Keith Urban for comments on the claims that he is jealous of Zac Efron and Nicole Kidman’s closeness.