Justin Timberlake performed at the United Center in Chicago for a concert on his Forget Tomorrow World Tour, three days after being arrested and charged with DWI in Long Island, N.Y. on June 18. During the intervals between songs, the vocalist acknowledged his recent encounter with the legal system as he expressed gratitude towards his fans for their unwavering support.

“I know I’m hard to love sometimes. But you keep loving me right back,” Justin stated.

The singer-songwriter, known for his popular song "Not A Bad Thing," could have easily been referring to his enduring spouse of 11 years, Jessica Biel. The actress known for her role in "Candy," who is the mother of Justin's sons Silas, 9, and Phineas, 4, has endured various challenges over the years, such as rumors of infidelity and a 2019 incident where the intoxicated star was captured on video holding hands with his co-star Alisha Wainwright during a raucous evening in New Orleans.

An unnamed source told Star Magazine that Jessica, who is 42 years old, has reached her breaking point and it is possible that the pair may go through a contentious divorce that might cost $250 million.

“It took Jessica a long time to trust Justin again. Now he’s made another bad judgment call. She can’t keep overlooking his behavior,” the insider shared.

There is a significant amount of risk involved. It has been reported that Justin and Jessica signed a legally binding prenuptial agreement before their wedding in 2012. The musician known for the song "Cry Me a River" has an approximate net worth of $250 million, while Jessica is reported to have a net worth of $18 million.

“Justin was the higher earner when they got married and wanted to protect his fortune, while Jessica wanted to make sure she was taken care of in the event of a split,” the informant claimed.

There is speculation that Justin may attempt to anticipate Jessica and submit formal divorce documents in his domicile of Tennessee or in Montana, where they frequently reside. In California, it follows the principle of community property, where any assets obtained during a marriage are divided equally between both spouses.

Due to the variance in regulations between Montana and Tennessee, Justin has the ability to achieve financial savings by choosing to file in either of those states. “Justin’s very shrewd that way, but Jessica wasn’t born yesterday and will likely push for California,” the tipster explained.

Jessica is allegedly quite frustrated and has reached a point where the situation could become unpleasant. “She’s livid over Justin’s careless behavior,” the mole stated.

Justin was stopped by the police in Sag Harbor after he purportedly failed to stop at a stop sign shortly after midnight on June 18. According to the arresting officer, the singer was apprehended while being inebriated, exhibiting bloodshot and glassy eyes, and emitting a strong smell of an alcoholic beverage from his breath.

Justin, who the officer stated exhibited inadequate performance on all standard field sobriety tests, declined to take three breath tests, Hindustan Times reported. The “Mirrors” hitmaker, who entered a plea of not guilty, is scheduled to appear in court on July 26.

“Jessica’s angry. Justin could’ve hurt someone or himself. It was a selfish and stupid thing to have let happen,” the tattler said.

His unabashed demeanor is not gaining him any favor with his wife. “The fact that Justin’s refused to apologize has only made the situation worse,” the source said.

It noted that the comments Justin made during his Chicago appearance serve as evidence of his self-centered nature, adding that it is challenging to grant forgiveness to someone who does not express remorse beforehand.

Justin is said to be exhausting his supply of complimentary admissions. “The episode with Alisha a few years ago was bad enough. Jessica was willing to let it go for the sake of their family, but Justin’s been skating on thin ice ever since,” the insider shared.

Jessica is purportedly making every effort to shield their children from Justin's attention-grabbing behavior that has made headlines. “She’s always been protective that way. She wants to raise her boys in as normal an environment as possible, that’s one of the reasons why she wanted to move to Montana,” the informant suggested.

Friends are, however, optimistic that the pair can reconcile. “Justin’s pals are urging him to stop drinking. He may refuse to admit it, but they think he’s got a problem and that rehab would be a good idea,” the tipster said.

Justin must take action before Jessica's forbearance diminishes, but her attendance at his June 25th performance in NYC has provided some optimism for a potential reconciliation. “He’s clearly got issues. Jessica’s tried to hang in there, but something’s got to give,” the mole underscored.

Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel have yet to comment on the ongoing divorce speculations hounding their marriage. So, avid followers of the Hollywood pair must take all these unfounded claims with a huge grain of salt until everything is proven true and correct.