Jude Jiang

Jude Jiang
Jude Jiang is a bilingual writer based in China. She has a strong interest in bridging the under-standing between western and eastern worlds through storytelling. She majored in international journalism in college. With experience working in the film industry in Shanghai, Beijing and L.A., she has developed an international perspective in both documentary and fictional writing. Over the past eight years as a script editor and screenwriter, she has explored domestic and co-production film. She prefers writing screenplays based upon true stories, which has reignited her journalistic passion and the quest for facts through interviews and research. While she is focused on bringing Chinese stories to international audiences, Jiang also is eager to explore how foreigners’ stories can resonate in China.

The Latest

  • Xpeng Fueled By Investor EV Fever
    Xpeng Motors
    The China EV startup raised $2.16 billion from the increased share offering.
  • As Short Video Market Booms, So Does IP Infringement
    Short Video
    The China copyright authority said short videos grew quickly in recent years.
  • China Professionals Make Evolutionary Changes In Accounting
    China taxes
    We interviewed the pros looking to make big changes in the way China's SMEs do their math.
  • EV Milestone Victory: Didi Faces Criticism Over Reconstructing
    Didi Chuxing
    The Didi network aspires to boost ride-sharing in China from its current 3% of the total mobility services to reach 30% by 2030.
  • Alibaba To Expand Its Pop Entertainment Empire
    Alibaba's new brand "Taomailang" will provide updated services based on its ticket-buying platform Damai.
  • Export Trade Hits Record, China Customs Says
    China's trade surplus increased by 102.9% year on year to $75.42 billion in November.
  • China's Largest Housing Rental Agency Ziroom Faces Accusations
    After Nasdaq-listed Danke was recently exposed for failing to pay landlords and evicting hundreds of tenants, Ziroom is facing similar accusations.
  • Developer miHoYo Makes Its Point On The Game Industry
    Genshin Impact
    Genshin Impact, in the first two months after its Sept. 28 launch, has brought in an estimated $393 million.
  • Meituan Outpaces Estimates, Boosted By COVID-19 And EV
    Covering life services from on-demand food delivery and ride hailing to travel booking, Meituan, in the past quarter has exceeded estimates.
  • Baidu Alters Top Executive Lineup For Investment Deals
    It is known that Baidu is keen to acquire other internet and tech companies, as evidenced by the recent controversial acquisition of YY.com, the Chinese live-streaming arm of Nasdaq-listed JOYY.
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