Jude Jiang

Jude Jiang
Jude Jiang is a bilingual writer based in China. She has a strong interest in bridging the under-standing between western and eastern worlds through storytelling. She majored in international journalism in college. With experience working in the film industry in Shanghai, Beijing and L.A., she has developed an international perspective in both documentary and fictional writing. Over the past eight years as a script editor and screenwriter, she has explored domestic and co-production film. She prefers writing screenplays based upon true stories, which has reignited her journalistic passion and the quest for facts through interviews and research. While she is focused on bringing Chinese stories to international audiences, Jiang also is eager to explore how foreigners’ stories can resonate in China.

The Latest

  • China’s Top Nasdaq-Listed Influencer Incubator Hatches Plan To Go Private
    Ruhnn formerly traded on China's new over-the-counter market but delisted in April 2018 for undisclosed reasons.
  • Wanda Completes Chicago Sale To Weather Bleak 2020 Outlook
    Wanda Group
    Wanda has sold all its overseas real estate projects.
  • U.S. Sanctions Boost Xiaomi To Top Three
    The logo of Xiaomi is seen outside the brand's store in central Kiev
    It's the first time that Xiaomi's overseas revenues surpassed domestic sales.
  • AI Startup Moviebook Gains Government Support In Rapidly Changing Media Landscape
    Moviebook Technology
    It's what you wanted: Based on AI image recognition Moviebook introduced a "feature-based recommendation system framework."
  • China's Express Companies Under Scrutiny For Illegal Activities
    China Express Packages
    Police said the sale of information fueled telemarketing scams and criminal activities like kidnapping and blackmail.
  • Tencent-Backed New Classics Fails On Old Classic Remake
    New Classics Media
    "The Deer and The Cauldron" has disappointed viewers with its poor script adaptation, art design and immure performances.
  • As Competition For Online Education Heats Up, NetEase Youdao Offers Free Google Courses
    NetEase Youdao
    The overseas digital marketing course is popular and provides opportunities of being employed by 100 overseas companies in association with Google.
  • Nasdaq-Listed BeiGene To Be A Star On The Shanghai Board
    The offering is expected in the first half of next year. It will be the world's first pharmaceutical firm to be listed on three stock exchanges.
  • Huawei Takes One For The Team, With Honor
    Honor and Huawei
    Huawei selling all of Honor budget smartphones to a consortium majority owned by Shenzhen government.
  • AI Diagnostic Company Huiying Gets A Major Injection
    Sources familiar with the matter said this fundraising breaks the company's previous records.
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