Jude Jiang

Jude Jiang
Jude Jiang is a bilingual writer based in China. She has a strong interest in bridging the under-standing between western and eastern worlds through storytelling. She majored in international journalism in college. With experience working in the film industry in Shanghai, Beijing and L.A., she has developed an international perspective in both documentary and fictional writing. Over the past eight years as a script editor and screenwriter, she has explored domestic and co-production film. She prefers writing screenplays based upon true stories, which has reignited her journalistic passion and the quest for facts through interviews and research. While she is focused on bringing Chinese stories to international audiences, Jiang also is eager to explore how foreigners’ stories can resonate in China.

The Latest

  • New Internal Conflict Brewing At Troubled Luckin Coffee
    Luckin Coffee Juices
    A joint letter to the board of directors and big shareholders seeks the removal of the current chief executive and chairperson.
  • Despite Apologies, Infringement Accusations Plague ‘Tiny Times’ Director
    The Yin-Yang Master: Dream Of Eternity
    Neither "Doctor Strange" producer Marvel Studios nor distributor Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures has responded.
  • Pinduoduo Under Fire For Labor Practices Following Worker's Death
    Pinduoduo E-commerce
    A 22-year-old female employee died after working past mid-night at Duo Duo Maicai, a community group buying unit of Pinduoduo.
  • China Telecoms Prepare To Weather U.S. Delisting Storm
    China Telecom
    In response to the NYSE's delisting, China Unicom said Monday it will "not make a substantial impact upon its business."
  • Fair-Play Regulator Comes Down Hard On Bogus Ads Of Three Big E-Commerce Companies
    Tmall Nov. 11 Gala
    JD.com, Alibaba's Tmall and Tencent-backed Vipshop fined for making “irregular” pricing.
  • Bumpy Road Ahead For Qingju Bike-Sharing
    Qingju Bike
    It’s a bike-eat-bike world out there in China’s cycle-sharing marketplace.
  • Criticism Of Tampered Products Plagues Pop Mart
    Pop Mart
    Shares of Pop Mart dropped as much as 16% Monday with $2.3 billion shaved off its market valuation.
  • Viral Buzz Escalates Female Stand-Up Comic Controversy
    Yang Li
    There have been complaints about stand-up comic Yang Li for "discriminating against men, inciting internal conflicts and creating gender opposition."
  • China Cracking Down Again On Capital Market Violations
    Shanghai GDP
    Imprisonment for fraudulent securities issuances was raised to 15 years from five years.
  • Regulators Slap Fines On Kuaishou Sales Star Amid Attempts To Rein In Live-streaming Sales
    Xin Youzhi
    Guangzhou market regulators revealed the investigation and resulting punishment for Xin Youzhi's recent live-streaming sales of counterfeit bird nest products.
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