Jude Jiang

Jude Jiang
Jude Jiang is a bilingual writer based in China. She has a strong interest in bridging the under-standing between western and eastern worlds through storytelling. She majored in international journalism in college. With experience working in the film industry in Shanghai, Beijing and L.A., she has developed an international perspective in both documentary and fictional writing. Over the past eight years as a script editor and screenwriter, she has explored domestic and co-production film. She prefers writing screenplays based upon true stories, which has reignited her journalistic passion and the quest for facts through interviews and research. While she is focused on bringing Chinese stories to international audiences, Jiang also is eager to explore how foreigners’ stories can resonate in China.

The Latest

  • Baidu Seeks JOYY In Domestic Livestreaming
    Nasdaq-listed JOYY stock was at $88.10 in U.S. pre-market trading Monday and the price rose as much as 13.18% Friday to close at $85.13.
  • Alibaba's Tmall Ignites Pre-Singles' Day Shopping Battle
    Livestreaming in China
    Taobao livestreaming users' purchases increased by 190% compared with a year ago.
  • PetroChina Critic Commits Suicide
    Li claimed to have collected evidence of PetroChina executives using corporate money for travel and entertainment.
  • Shadows Of Doubt Darken Waterdrop's Financial Triumph
    Waterdrop staff in hospital promoting its service
    Waterdrop operates medical crowdfunding compaines Shuidichou and Shudi Huzhu and insurance broker Waterdrop Insurance Mall.
  • Bilibili, BBC Crossing Channels In Partnership
    Bilibili users are GenZ.
    The agreement includes co-producing documentaries and exclusively sharing documentaries on each other's platforms.
  • State-Owned Bright Dairy Shines Light Upon Map Controversy
    Bright Dairy used to rank as the top producer nationwide in the refrigerated fresh milk sector, in aspects of production volume, revenue and market share.
    The ad "Bright Dairy's strategic plan from 2016 to 2020" failed to make a comprehensive and accurate display of China's territory.
  • Don't Spend Thousands On New Phones – Try A Used Handset Instead, Says Luo Yonghao
    Second-hand smart phone launch event
    As new phone models are released at a rapid pace some Chinese are recognizing the trend of cheaper, used technology.
  • Evergrande Trying Everything To Escape Debt Crisis
    China Evergrande
    Evergrande’s largest investor Shandong Hi-Speed Group is keen to recoup 23 billion yuan ($3.4 billion).
  • Tencent Esports Merger Deal Turns A Penguin Into A Phoenix
    Two U.S.-listed domestic live-streaming esports companies Huya and DouYu agreed to merge and Tencent Holdings will hold 67.5%.
  • Chinese Online STEM Platform Blossoms With Matthew Effect
    Chinese mother and daughter.
    Emerging unicorn online education company, Huohua Siwei, said have raised another giant funding.
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