Breaking News: Song Joong Ki, Song Hye Kyo Devoice Rumors Come Ture, Song-Song Couple Ending Their Marriage

Many followers of Song Joong Ki, still, cannot believe that he is back on the small screens after several months of being away from the spotlight. The husband of Song Hye Kyo, finally, made his TV comeback via tvN's newest series titled Arthdal Chronicles. While some fans were stunned with its production value, a few were not happy about some of the show's elements.

Arthdal Chronicles, for starters, is a television show that focuses on the story the citizens of a mythical land called Arth and how they content with power struggles as they encounter love along the way. Besides Song Joong Ki, Jang Dong Gun, Kim Ji Won, and Kim Ok Vin also star in the latest tvN series. Kim Won Seok directs while Kim Young Hyun writes the script for the new show.

The show kicked off with a bang, but some viewers did not like the fact that Song Joong Ki only appeared after almost one and a half hours. Arthdal Chronicles first tackled how the rift between the Saram and the blue-eyed Neanderthal started. Tagon, who is being portrayed by Jang Dong Gun, was introduced first in the first episode.

Viewers, instantly, felt that Tagon is a force to reckon with the moment he first appeared on the series. The greatest nemesis of Song Joong Ki's character strives very hard for power. He plans to dominate, let other tribes follow his lead, and consider him as their King.

Moreover, fans did not like the scene where the Saenyeok tribe attacked the Wahan tribe while Tanya prepares to show off his exceptional talent in dancing.  Eun Som, who is portrayed by Song Joong Ki, and the other members of the group failed to defend themselves since they do not have weapons to use at the time. As a result, most of them were killed while the others were put behind bars.

Business Times, previously, shared that the first two episodes of Arthdal Chronicles failed to meet the expectations of fans and investors. The Korea Exchange divulged that Studio Dragon's share price closed to 66.900 won earlier this week. "It has been one of the most anticipated TV shows of the year with its star-studded cast and huge production budget. However, these do not guarantee higher viewer ratings. We need to see further whether its ratings improve as the show continues," Meritz Securities researcher Lee Hyo Jin revealed.

After Arthdal Chronicles, Joong Ki would start filming another project called The Seungri. The husband of Song Hye Kyo would star in the forthcoming movie with Kim Tae Ri. The imminent film is said to be the very first South Korean movie that centers on the story of astronauts who visit planets in the Solar System. Stay tuned to Business Times for the latest news and updates about Song Joong Ki and Song Hye Kyo!