Kate Middleton and Prince William divorce rumors continue to make rounds online despite the latter's lawyers' previous claim that these reports are all made-up and untrue. Most fans can recall that the older brother of Prince Harry, allegedly, cheated on the Duchess of Cambridge with Rose Hanbury. While others think that the cheating allegations are somewhat baseless as it lack substantial evidence, some still believe that having another Royal divorce could be inevitable.

Sometime in May, reports about Queen Elizabeth not allowing Kate Middleton and Prince William to divorce went viral. News outlets based the claims on a previous account of the current ruler of the British monarchy in 2006, saying she warned Prince Harry's elder brother that "enough was enough" with Royal divorces. The mother of Prince Charles, reportedly, told William to think carefully before settling down with his then-girlfriend.

Queen Elizabeth's warning to Prince William came as no surprise to some who are aware that she had seen several divorces already. "...She has witnessed the divorces not just of her sister Princess Margaret, but also those of her three eldest children. She now feels, to put it bluntly, that enough is enough. She does not want to name names, but she is adamant that there are going to be no further royal divorces during her reign," an unnamed Palace aide, reportedly, told Sunday Express. Because of this, avid followers of the Royal family think that there could be a slim chance for William and Prince Harry to divorce Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle, respectively, in the future.

Should Kate Middleton and Prince William decide to end their marriage, things would be a lot complicated, especially when it comes to custody of their three children. Reports have it that Prince George, 5, Princess Charlotte, 4, and Prince Louis, 1, are likely to stay with their father in the Kensington Palace if Kate and William divorce. In other words, the Duchess of Cambridge needs to ask the permission of Prince Harry's brother before she can bring their children outside of the palace and of the United Kingdom.

While they are still allowed to remarry even if the Royal couple decides to split, they would be prohibited tying the knot again under the same church since Queen Elizabeth heads the Church of England. If this happens, Kate Middleton and Prince William have to exchange their wedding vows outside the church and get brand-new titles after they remarry.

While the divorce rumors continue to swirl, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge continue to prove their detractors wrong. As a matter of fact, they were seen together in the Gentlemen's Singles final at Wimbledon. The Royal couple would, also, host The King's Cop sailing regatta and compete in an eight-boat race on August 9. The parents of Prince George, Princess Charlotte, and Prince Louis are expected to attend some private events and a public polo in the upcoming weeks. Stay tuned to Business Times for the latest news and updates about Kate Middleton and Prince William