There is no denying that Song Joong Ki is one of the biggest names in the South Korean entertainment industry today. In fact, the former husband of Song Hye Kyo was tapped to star in various projects such as Descendants of the Sun (2016), The Innocent Man (2012), Sungkyunkwan Scandal (2010), Deep Rooted Tree (2011), Man to Man (2017) and Made in U (2011), among others. The 34-year-old Asian superstar made his return to the small screens via Arthdal Chronicles early this year after a 2-year hiatus from the limelight since tying the knot with his then-wife, Hye Kyo.

Initially, Arthdal Chronicles faced quite some controversies before it was aired. In April, the show was under fire after it, allegedly, mistreated its staff. The Hanbit Media Labor Rights announced, at the time, that tvN has not been providing admirable working conditions for the staff.

"Staff members of 'Arthdal Chronicles' have suffered from too long hours of labor. We initially filed complaints, but nothing has improved. When it comes to filming abroad, staff worked over 20 hours a day," an unnamed representative of Hope Solidarity Labor Union, previously, revealed about the Song Joong Ki-led television series. "A staff member who works with lights has suffered a fracture because of this. The incident occurred due to long hours and not the individual worker's attention," the source went on.

Aside from that, viewers were said to be disappointed about the Arthdal Chronicles due to its noticeable similarities to HBO's Game of Thrones series. Some fans even stated that the CGI and props used were not of high-quality, making the show appear cheap and not well-thought of. Luckily, avid followers of Song Joong Ki and the other cast members were quick to defend the series and claimed that the storyline is completely different from that of the American television show.

On Sunday, the final episode of Arthdal Chronicles aired and some cast members of series shared their thoughts about the show's conclusion. Song Joong Ki admitted to having a hard time playing double roles in the tvN series. The ex-partner of Song Hye Kyo, for starters, played as Eun Seom and Saya.

"Although there were some difficulties in playing a double role for the first time, it was fun," Song Joong Ki stated. "I was greedier than ever because the vast and deep story was so fascinating," he added. The former lover of Song Hye Kyo, then, gave thanks to the series director, writers, and production crew for working so hard to provide the best for its viewers. Joong Ki, also, thanked the avid followers of the show for their unwavering support.

While there have been reports saying that having another season could happen, the management revealed that there are no plans as of yet. In an official statement released, the management stated that it has to look over "various factors and make a final decision soon." To recall, Arthdal Chronicles had a hard time getting high ratings since it premiered. Hence, it would come as no surprise if it would not return for another installment. Stay tuned to Business Times for the latest news and updates about Song Joong Ki!