It cannot be denied that Jamie Dornan and Dakota Johnson are two of the most sought-after stars of their generation. The real-life partners of Amelia Warner and Chris Martin rose to fame via the Fifty Shades film franchise, which is based on the novels written by E.L. James. Even though the movie series is finally over, some fans are still wondering if Jamie and Dakota would reunite for a fourth film.

Rumors are rife that a fourth Fifty Shades movie could happen, especially with the release of the Fifty Shades from Christian's Point of View in 2017. It is claimed that the supposed "fourth film" is very much likely to feature all the thoughts of Jamie Dornan's character throughout the trilogy. Of course, should things push through, Dakota Johnson would reunite with her Fifty Shades leading man.

In fact, when asked if she would be interested in doing another film that would require her to get naked again, Dakota Johnson said she would be happy to take it as she would not want to shut the door on any possibilities. "If there's a project or a film that has a similar plot line - or I don't know if that would happen again - I'm not going to steer away from anything. I want to do everything, and I want to learn. I learn so much, no matter the project," the former on-screen ladylove of Jamie Dornan said.

"I feel like I have no idea what I'm doing every time I'm working. It's just what I love, and I hope that I get to keep doing this job, because I'm really lucky," the girlfriend of Coldplay frontman Chris Martin went on. Jamie Dornan, for his part, felt relieved that the Fifty Shades franchise is, finally, over as he is "getting too old" for its explicit scenes.

Jamie Dornan, also, revealed that having a fourth movie is highly unlikely since Fifty Shades Freed was the final volume in the trilogy. The husband of Amelia Warner said that there is no point in doing another film if it would cover the same story even if it is told from a different perspective. The leading man of Dakota Johnson even stated that, even if E.L. James released two other Fifty Shades books, the Americana author had not added anything to the story at all.

Meanwhile, earlier this month, Jamie Dornan confirmed that he was reunited with Dakota Johnson. "We saw each other earlier today, we're actually doing the same sort of press route," he divulged to the press. "I've already seen her, but I'm not going to get a chance to see it here sadly, so I'll get a ticket like everyone else." The 37-year-old Irish star even revealed that he would be supporting Dakota Johnson's new film called The Friend, which already hit theatres on Sept. 6.

To recall, the Fifty Shades of Grey stars were rumored to be having a rift, which resulted in the conclusion of the erotic romantic drama film franchise. The two were also bombarded with dating and cheating allegations while they were still filming the said movies. Stay tuned to Business Times for the latest news and updates about Jamie Dornan and Dakota Johnson!