Ever since Melania Trump officially became the First Lady of the United States, she has been plagued with various reports and accusations as it all comes one after another. Just recently, she is facing a new wave of criticisms on several social media platforms after personally sharing updates about her "works" for the Christmas season.

According to Yahoo! News, Melania posted an almost minute-long clip on Twitter showing the grand Christmas decorations inside the White House. While many fans and supporters applauded the First Lady and her staff, the comments on her post were also flooded with numerous objections and criticisms.

The reason being is that President Donald Trump posted a tweet hours earlier that day about his plans on permanently closing the "Border" between the United States and Mexico. Reports also noted that several "tear-gassing" events happened at the Southern Border, which involved a lot of young children.

After sharing his notions about the issue on the Wall, Melania Trump immediately and seemingly countered the situation by posting the said video on the platform. Several individuals called her out for doing so.

As per the publication, the individuals who criticized her also pointed out how "grandiose" the decorations are, relating to the matter to the "taxpayers' money." Some also emphasized how the costs of these decorations would help several refugee families instead.

A week after the incident on social media, Melania Trump posted again another tweet showing her recent "project." As it appears, the First Lady spearheaded the annual Christmas party for children inside the White House.

She posted several photos showing kids making Christmas crafts and artworks. Other photos also showed some children eating treats.

While avid followers of Melania praised her for doing such a "nice job," her post caught another storm of criticisms. Several netizens called her "liar" and "fraudulent" upon seeing the photos.

As per these individuals, the First Lady was not in one of the pictures posted because she wasn't socializing with the kids. Also, none of the kids in the photos are smiling, which made a lot of people to conclude that no one enjoyed the said party.

Even so, some followers of Melania Trump still "defended" her and claimed that there is no need to be "critical" about everything. Others even explained that the photos showed no other adults interacting with the kids. So, that would probably explain why Melania is not in them.