We are still far from pitting the all-electric Ford F-150 pickup truck against the Tesla Cybertruck in an actual test of performance, but as early as now there are massive interests in both trucks and several others. A new study released by Autolist evaluates the preferences of respondents on their most preferred electric pick up truck. It turns out consumers want GM and Ford, but not by much once you dig deeper into the data.

Autolist recently surveyed 1100 shoppers asking on what they thought, and there is good news for old names in the auto industry. General Motors turns out to be the top choice raking 29 percent of the vote. Ford trailed on the second place with 27 percent votes. Rivian and Tesla shared the remaining 44 percent with Tesla getting 20 percent and Rivian 24 percent.

What makes the data more interesting is that non-truck owners prefer the Tesla Cybertruck and the Rivian R1T. Tesla Cybertruck got 25.8 percent of the votes followed by Rivian with 24.8 percent of the votes. Ford and General Motors are tied on the third spot with 24.7 percent votes.

Current and past truck owners, however still prefer the Detroit legacy automaker. Of all the votes, 35 percent selected GM, 28 percent voted for Ford. Rivian grabbed 23 percent, perhaps because of the news that Ford invested a whopping $500 million into the startup. Meanwhile, Tesla earned the least votes at 14 percent.

Autolist breaks down the result, further noting that the younger the respondent, the higher the likelihood that they will choose Tesla Cybertruck. The all-electric pickup truck is the most popular choice for respondents ages between 18 and 28 years old. This is great news for the brand recognition of the electric vehicle maker; however, this age group is barely capable of affording expensive vehicles, says Autolist.

Ford lands on the second place in the said age group trailed by Rivian and General Motors. For the age group ranging between 29 and 35 years old as well as in the age group ranging between 46 and 55 went to Rivian, General Motors, Ford, and Tesla. All other age group wanted General Motors, Ford, Rivian, and Tesla.

The latest study is good news for all four automakers in terms of market share. General Motors and Forbes are banking on their long years in the industry, which makes them. The preferred choice across older age group. Unfortunately, none of these vehicles will be available until at least 2021. By that time, the auto industry, and even the vehicles themselves will certainly look different.