With the 2020 presidential election fastly approaching, many citizens now are casting their best bets for the position. Reports have also started to analyze several political movements made by various politicians. But, as for the incumbent U.S. President, Donald Trump, whether he gets re-elected or not, he sees Ivanka Trump as a great and qualified individual to run for the position.

Based on statements, he is "confident" that the First Daughter will win the presidential race if ever she chooses to run in the future. While Donald Trump has noted that Ivanka already emphasized that she is not interested, he believes that she will be "hard to beat."

According to The Atlantic, Elaina Plott tried to have a sit-down interview with Ivanka Trump to talk about her role in the White House as the president's Senior Advisor. However, she "repeatedly declined." This is why she was surprised upon receiving a call from the White House Press Secretary, Sarah Sanders that the president, Donald Trump, was available to talk to her about the First Daughter.

During the interview, it was shared that Ivanka accidentally "popped in" to remind the president about his affiliations the next day. Upon seeing them, she was "astonished" as described by Plott.

Donald Trump, then, stated that Ivanka "loves" what she does in the White House. Also, just like him, his daughter does not take any credit for her works.

It was further revealed that the president sees the First Daughter as "successful" in her role. He also took "pride" in the millions of jobs that Ivanka Trump was able to established.

Amid all the praises, though, he cleared it out that he is proud of all of his children. He also went on to speak about his other kids including Barron, Tiffany, Don, and Eric.

But, among all of his children, Donald Trump considers Ivanka Trump as his "heir apparent." So, if she is to run for future presidential elections, he will certainly support her.

Unfortunately, not everyone shares the same perspectives as the president. As it happens, many of the citizens are not happy with the current administration. Not to mention, Ivanka's "questionable" position.

Ivanka Trump became the president's Senior Advisor in 2017. While being official, the position was said to be "unpaid" due to the "transparency issues" they faced from the general public.

Since then, many criticisms have been thrown to the First Daughter. Most of these objections largely point out that Ivanka is not qualified nor unelected to be in this position. This is where the infamous "#NepotismBarbie" trend started.