Traveling to different places especially outside the country can be very costly. But know there are still some places you can visit that won't cost so much unlike other places such as Paris (France), Singapore, Hong Kong, Zurich (Switzerland), Geneva (Switzerland), Osaka (Japan), Seoul (South Korea), and Copenhagen (Denmark). One of these places is Valencia-Spain's third-largest city.

Considered as one of Spains' most beautiful cities, Valencia offers a lot of things to its guests. From its finest architecture, most amazing culture, and most exceptional mouth-watering cuisines, this city will surely leave only the best memory to every soul that will choose to travel and discover this unique destination.


The very first thing to consider when traveling to this side of the world is the very place to stay during the trip. In choosing the perfect place to become your haven while out of the country, it is crucial to consider the cleanliness, safety, and accessibility of the place to the locations or spots you would like to visit. Since Valencia has a subtropical Mediterranean climate, it is also better to choose a place that has some amenities where you can cool down and relax with.

One of the perfect hotels that Valencia has to offer is the One Shot Mercat, aside from its most accessible location, One Shot Mercat promotes a unique and artistic stay to its guests. This hotel has an outdoor swimming pool, Karak restaurant, art exhibitions, and concierge service, which will surely add colors to your stay.


There are a lot of places to visit in Valencia, but the most loved spot people always dare to visit is The Central Market. This market is not just the typical place to buy your things from, but this architecture is beautifully crafted using stained glass and iron. Some stalls here offer several delicacies, you might never want to miss. From cooked foods, nuts, fruits and vegetables, a lot of choices will be laid in front of you. Furthermore, this market doesn't just offer food. But there are also other several goods or souvenirs you want to check out too.

If you love to learn from the history and the culture of the place more than strolling and tasting different local and international delicacies, better visit the National Ceramic Museum instead. Built during the 15th century, the museum has already been collecting facts and information even up to this day. This tourist spot doesn't just display the beauty of Spain's culture, but the Arabs, Greeks, and Romans as well.