There is little doubt that all of the members of SEVENTEEN are funny in their own way. However, fans would agree that DK is the one idol who is hilarious without even trying. After all, Lee Seokmin happens to be the leader of the SVT gag team known as BSS (BooSeokSoon). Not surprisingly, Dokyeom once again had Carats laughing when he freaked out over a harmless plate of soba noodles.

The official SEVENTEEN YouTube channel recently released a new series called IF Seventeen where some of the members of the boy group are faced with challenges connected to their past. For instance, the first episode required the idols to recall the choreography improvised by Jeonghan in their Don't Wanna Cry Part Switch version MV. Although Yoon Jeonghan, DK, Mingyu, Seungkwan, and Dino tried their best, it was Hoshi who ultimately remembered the hilarious improvisation.

The latest episode of IF Seventeen once again featured more games for Jeonghan, Hoshi, DK, Mingyu, Seungkwan, and Dino. This time, DK had to take on a special challenge because he was in last place. Lee Seokmin's challenge required him to identify a hidden object inside a box. Unknown to Dokyeom, the mystery item is just a harmless plate of soba noodles.

Although DK was unaware of what was inside the box, the other SEVENTEEN members could see it clearly. However, that didn't stop them from trying to scare Lee Seokmin as they pretended to see something scary. Not surprisingly, their acting worked on Dokyeom, who became wary of putting his hand inside the box.

It took a few minutes for DK to gather enough nerve to touch the mystery object. However, the feel of the slimy noodles was enough to make him freak out. When he finally touched the noodles, Lee Seokmin panicked over the cold texture and screamed, running from the box. He then continued screaming as he tried to wipe the slimy feel from his hand against the wall.

It was a hilarious moment that had the other members of SEVENTEEN rolling on the floor in laughter. However, Jeonghan, being the eldest member of the group, went over and tried to comfort DK.

So did DK eventually guess what was in the box? After a couple more tries, Lee Seokmin was finally brave enough to hold the noodles in his hand and correctly identify it. Hopefully, this means that Dokyeom has a better chance at winning in the next episode of IF Seventeen.