Nowadays, countries in south-east Asia are suffering big time due to the dangers and risks of the new novel coronavirus. Among the countries infected outside China are South Korea (977) and Italy (270). 

In Japan, about 160 cases (excluded the 691 cases from the Diamond Princess Cruise ship) have been recorded and the authorities are afraid the number is still about to increase in the coming days. "We are at a crossroads", said Shigeru Omi, head of the Japan Community Health Care Organization. "Local transmission is already going on", he added.

Because of the increasing risks and possible dangers that tourists and guests might face in visiting Japan, the country's tourism revenue has decreased dramatically just within three months. According to the records from the International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO), as of the writing, Japan has already lost an estimate of about $1.29 billion.


Japan's Foreign Office shared how the country is working so hard to fight and contain the virus. According to the authorities, improved procedures at entry points of the country are made for more efficient and effective protection to the locals and guests against the virus. Furthermore, visitors who have traveled from Zhejiang or Hubei provinces within 14 days before their arrival in Japan will not be allowed to visit the country unless to some exceptional circumstances.

Aside from the government, the locals are also working hand in hand in taking care of each other amid the negativity that's happening to their country at present. Emma Cooke, a reporter from the Telegraph, shared how Japanese people are very considerate towards each other. She also noticed how disciplined they are in preventing the spread of the virus.


A survey conducted shows how 40% of all foreign tourists in Tokyo feel anxious as they stay in the country because of the outbreak and a lot have already canceled their visit, as reported by JW Web Magazine. So, is it safe to visit Japan now amid the virus outbreak or not?

There isn't a specific answer to whether it is safe or not. But authorities in Japan claim that though the virus has already inflicted some of their people, especially those that were from the Diamond Princess Cruise, the problem regarding the virus has still not gone pandemic so far. The government and the locals are also doing their best to control and contain the virus too.