Jennifer Aniston has rekindled her friendship with ex-husband Brad Pitt but that is all about it. They are not back together and they are not having a baby. But that is not what a tabloid insisted a year ago.

New Idea reported in March 2019 that Aniston was pregnant with Pitt's child. The rumor emerged after the Friends actress was photographed while filming her Netflix movie, Murder Mystery, holding her stomach like an expecting mother. The tabloid claimed Aniston was having a "Meghan Markle moment" because the actress's hand was seen resting on her alleged "baby bump."

The tabloid claimed Jen got pregnant during her vacation with Pitt in Paris. Aniston's rep, at the time, assured that The Morning Show star was not pregnant and no such trip ever took place.

A year later, Gossip Cop has proven that Aniston's pregnancy rumor was completely fabricated. Jen did not deliver a baby and her relationship with the Once Upon A Time In Hollywood actor remained as friends.

Meanwhile, Gossip Cop noted that it was not the first time Aniston was rumored having a baby with her ex-husband. In October 2019, the publication also debunked a story that Jen allegedly has a secret daughter with Pitt.

The rumor was concocted based on a photo of Jen holding a baby in her arms. The truth in the story was that the baby in the photo was actress Cali Sheldon, who played the role of Rachel Green's (Aniston) daughter in Friends Season 8.

In celebration of the 25th anniversary of the iconic sitcom in September 2019, Cali shared a couple of her pictures from the set of Friends. Both Cali and her twin sister Noelle Sheldon played the role of Rachel and Ross' (David Schwimmer) daughter, Emma.

The first photo showed Cali was with Aniston, Courteney Cox, and Lisa Kudrow. In the second photo, baby Emma was seen on Rachel's arms. Cali simply captioned the photo, "Mom," referring to Aniston's character.

Earlier this year, New Idea also alleged that Pitt and Aniston were planning to adopt a child from an orphanage in Mexico. The tabloid claimed the former spouses secretly met up in Tijuana over New Year's and checked on the orphanage. Gossip Cop also debunked the story.

Aside from baby rumors, Aniston and Pitt have been speculated to have tied the knot once again. They were rumored to have secretly wed during Aniston's Christmas party at her L.A. mansion. The most recent wedding rumor about the two was that they were allegedly planning a nuptial in Cabo, Mexico.